11 New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers in 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a rough year for just about everybody, but we’re optimistic as we look forward into 2021. By making — and keeping! — a few New Year’s resolutions, you too could be in store for your best year as a driver or small business owner ever. Here are Commercial Truck Trader’s 11 New Year’s resolutions for drivers in 2021: 

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20 Ways to Feel at Home in the Cab

It’s no secret that driving can be a lonely profession, with truckers often struggling to stay connected while on the job. Road transport is also tough work, requiring drivers to spend practically all day rumbling along in a relatively confined cab. Any chance, then, for truckers to settle in and make the interior of their vehicle a little more cozy is always a welcome opportunity, especially for those operating sleeper-cabs over long hauls. That’s why we’re breaking down 20 ways to feel at home in the cab Continue reading “20 Ways to Feel at Home in the Cab”

8 Tips for Maintaining Mental Health on the Road

Standing with crossed arms

What does it mean to be a successful truck driver? The quick answer is likely something along the lines of “delivering loads on-time and in-full.” That sounds about right, however that answer focuses entirely on the duties of the job and overlooks the condition of the drivers. If we consider the totality of truckers’ lives, we’re more likely to use the definition provided recently by Smart-Trucking.com: “Successful drivers are those who consistently deliver their loads safely, in a timely fashion, while maintaining a decent standard of living.” Continue reading “8 Tips for Maintaining Mental Health on the Road”