The Future of Road Travel

Aerial view of a massive highway intersection in Tokyo, Japan

In the 1800s, the steam locomotive and the Transcontinental Railroad revolutionized transportation. In the 1900s, the automobile and the Interstate Highway System was another game-changer. Now that we’re in the 2000s, our roads are overcrowded, in poor condition, chronically underfunded, and increasingly dangerous. In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) only gives the U.S. grades of C+ for bridges, D for roads, and D- for transit – and if you drive for a living, those grades are likely not surprising. Continue reading “The Future of Road Travel”

New Recommendations for Trucking Safety from the NTSB

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Humble truckers may not often mention it, but the work they do can be very dangerous. It’s an unfortunate – but well-known – fact that thousands of people die every year in transportation accidents. In trucking, drivers are constantly faced with heavy traffic, distractions, stress, fatigue, and sleeping problems. As we look to solve issues in transportation, a changing world and innovations in technology can introduce new threats, and new solutions. Continue reading “New Recommendations for Trucking Safety from the NTSB”

Autonomous Cargo Drones Could Disrupt Transportation

Cargo Drone

Move aside self-driving semi trucks. It seems we had just begun the debate about the impact that autonomous big-rigs could have on the industry, when a new innovation is introduced that could have an even bigger impact on supply chain logistics and transportation: self-operating cargo drones.

It’s exactly what it sounds like; unmanned cargo drones are being developed in order to revolutionize the transportation of goods across local, regional, and national distances. As delivery companies are implementing package-carrying drones that bring small purchases right to your doorstep, the natural next step seems to be the movement of shipping containers with more advanced drones. Using hybrid engines, many of these aircraft will incorporate both rotary and fixed wings to take off and land like helicopters, while cruising across the sky like airplanes. And they may not be very far off. Continue reading “Autonomous Cargo Drones Could Disrupt Transportation”

Massive Fire Collapses Interstate Overpass in Atlanta

ATL Fire Original

A raging fire, with flames reaching upwards of 40 feet, ignited Thursday evening underneath a northbound bridge on Interstate 85, a major roadway near downtown Atlanta, causing the overpass to collapse.

Authorities managed to clear traffic from the area before the bridge crumbled into the blaze below, at approximately 7:00PM EST. The were no injuries or fatalities resulting from the incident and the fire was declared under control around 8:00PM EST. The Georgia Governor has declared a state of emergency and Atlanta’s mayor has described the situation as a “transportation crisis.” Continue reading “Massive Fire Collapses Interstate Overpass in Atlanta”

Shipping Heavy Equipment

By Terese Kerrigan of Freight Center

Equipment Trader makes it easy to shop for heavy equipment, but did you know that shipping your newly purchased equipment can be just as simple? Shipping oversize or heavy haul loads can get expensive, which is why it’s important to shop around for the right carrier at the best price. Through, a third-party logistics provider with 14 years experience and UShip-approved carrier with 5-star reviews, shippers can get rate comparisons from multiple providers and possibly even start a bidding war. Although price is top of mind, it’s also important to make sure the individual or company transporting your equipment has experience with your type of machinery and has the proper equipment to move it.

Depending on the size of your equipment, specialized trucking services are most often needed. Before loading, review a list of specialized trucking equipment and the acceptable weight and dimensions of your machinery. For safety purposes, never allow a driver to use improper equipment. The heavier the load, the more axles you’ll need.

Every state in the United States requires different heavy hauling permits to meet state regulations. Often times drivers will choose alternate routes to avoid states with high restrictions or restricted bridges. “Permits can be tricky for an unseasoned heavy hauler,” said Allen Shifflett, truckload account manager at “Due to heavy restrictions, some truckers may completely avoid Ohio’s highways but an inexperienced heavy hauler may not know these tactics, which could result in higher costs and longer transit times.”

For more information on heavy haul transportation or to get a free rate quote, visit or call 800-716-7882.

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