Cool Driving During Summer Trucking (Infographic)


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Most people love rolling the windows down and cruising along on a summer drive. But for truckers, summer driving is not just a nice few minutes between destinations, it’s their full time job with its own set of precautions and problems to look out for in order to stay safe and comfortable. Here are our tips for summer trucking: Continue reading “Cool Driving During Summer Trucking (Infographic)”

Is the Tire of the Future Airless??

Back in 2007, we were excited to talk about Michelin’s new XDA5 tire, which incorporated multidimensional treads that would reveal new grooves and blocks as the tire wore down. It was an innovative design that dramatically expanding the lifespan of Class 8 tires. Ten years later, we’re again exploring tire innovations, and Michelin is still there at the front of the pack, this time with a 3D-printed, airless prototype tire. Say hello to the VISION tire. Continue reading “Is the Tire of the Future Airless??”