Providing Vehicle Upfit Information: 3 Awesome Advantages for Dealers

Plumber Or Electrician Standing Next To Van

A quick definition: Upfits are additions and upgrades to standard commercial vehicle bodies which make the vehicle better suited for a specific vocation or task. Examples range from simple ladder racks to comprehensive body overhauls.

Trucking. HVAC. Farming. Utility. Catering. Fleet Management. There are countless drivers, workers, and technicians across multiple industries who each have unique jobs and perform different tasks. These various workers require a wide range of vehicles and equipment, which makes vehicle upfits very popular. In fact, upfits are so important, that Commercial Truck Trader encourages dealers to include upfit information for all upfitted vehicles listed on our website!! We’ve previously described how making upfit details available provides some Big Benefits for Buyers. Today we’ll discuss how Providing Vehicle Upfit Information delivers 3 Awesome Advantages for Dealers!! Continue reading “Providing Vehicle Upfit Information: 3 Awesome Advantages for Dealers”