Successful Selling: Creatively Getting Prospects to Visit Your Website

Technology. Websites. Internal Metrics. Social Media. We live and work in a rapidly evolving world with more online tools than ever before. While some sales principles will always remain constant, success in our competitive industry requires commercial dealerships and salespeople who adopt the digital tools that help sell more inventory.

Welcome to Part 4 of our commercial dealership Successful Selling blog series, produced through a partnership between Commercial Web Services, Commercial Truck Trader, and Equipment Trader. As leading providers of innovative solutions that connect buyers and sellers in the equipment and trucking industries, we’re committed to using this blog series to help dealers reach more customers.

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Today we’re talking about creative strategies for getting prospects to visit your website!! Continue reading “Successful Selling: Creatively Getting Prospects to Visit Your Website”

Product News & Trends: New Search Results Design Coming Soon!

Some of you may have noticed there was a new look to the Search Results pages on There were actually 3 different versions running concurrently, each running 30% of the site traffic, so we could compare the designs and which one converted best. We have a winner and we will be rolling out the new design to all of the search results pages soon!!

Providing Vehicle Upfit Information: 3 Big Benefits for Buyers

Electrician With Service Truck

A quick definition: Upfits are additions and upgrades to standard commercial vehicle bodies which make the vehicle better suited for a specific vocation or task. Examples range from simple ladder racks to comprehensive body overhauls.

From transportation to construction to utility operations, there are countless drivers, workers, and technicians on the road and at jobsites. These individuals perform tasks that are unique to each person and project and, therefore, require a wide range of vehicles and equipment. Such diversity is what makes vehicle upfits so popular. Because upfits are a key feature that commercial consumers look for when purchasing vehicles, Commercial Truck Trader allows dealers to include upfit information for vehicles listed on our website. Why do we do it?? There are many advantages to Providing Vehicle Upfit Information, including 3 Big Benefits for Buyers!! Continue reading “Providing Vehicle Upfit Information: 3 Big Benefits for Buyers”