Replacing Mirrors with Cameras: A View of the Future?

One of the most commonly used tools for a driver might soon be replaced. Stoneridge Inc. is attempting to engineer a paradigm shift in how truckers stay aware of their surroundings by replacing side-view mirrors with camera systems which display a truck’s surroundings via in-cab screens. This change, the company says, can drastically expand a driver’s field of vision and boost safety, while improving aerodynamics and fuel savings. Continue reading “Replacing Mirrors with Cameras: A View of the Future?”

A Trucker’s Best Friend

Dog Riding

Did you know that over 60% of OTR drivers are pet-owners, and that 40% take their pets on the road with them?? That’s according to a recent Harris poll, and it got us thinking about trucking with man’s best friend. Bringing a dog on the road creates a fun and unique trucking experience, but there can actually be a lot that goes into preparing for and driving with a canine in the cab. Here’s what you need to know about Dogs in Trucking!! Continue reading “A Trucker’s Best Friend”

Vibrating Trucker Hats Keep Drivers Awake

SafeCap Original

Recently on the blog, we wrote about an epidemic with fatal consequences – driving while drowsy. An estimated 60% of Americans have operated a vehicle while sleepy, and a whopping 40% have fallen asleep while driving!! In response to what is an incredibly dangerous practice, we offered 8 Tips for Staying Bright-Eyed While Driving. It was a popular post, but Ford may have just given us a 9th tool for staying awake on the road: Vibrating Trucker Hats!! Seriously. Let’s take a closer look!! Continue reading “Vibrating Trucker Hats Keep Drivers Awake”

8 Tips for Staying Bright-Eyed While Driving

Drunk driving. Distracted driving. We seem to constantly hear about the dangers related to intoxication or smartphone use while behind the wheel. And for good reason, as both are incredibly important safety concerns. Yet something which can be equally dangerous, but is not often talked about, is driving while drowsy. Continue reading “8 Tips for Staying Bright-Eyed While Driving”

Show Trucks, Seminars, Swag, & Singing: 2017 GATS Recap


From August 24th – 26th, the Commercial Truck Trader team attended The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas, and yes, it was great!! This year’s GATS boasted 554 exhibitors, 150 show-trucks, multiple seminars and expert panels, giveaways, and live entertainment on the 500,000 square-foot show floor!! It was a full and exciting weekend for registered attendees who numbered over 50,000!! Keep reading for all the highlights from GATS!! Continue reading “Show Trucks, Seminars, Swag, & Singing: 2017 GATS Recap”

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Trucker Training?

VR Training Original

Trucking is admittedly a very cool profession, but at the same time, trucking is not a game. When drivers are behind the wheel of a big rig, sharp driving skills and quick reflexes can make the difference between safety and collisions, between life and death. Trucker training, then, is of utmost importance among semi truck drivers. Continue reading “Is Virtual Reality the Future of Trucker Training?”

Most Truckers Buckle Up; Here’s Why You Should Join Them

close up of man fastening safety seat belt in car

A recent article in The Hill highlights how only 1 in 6 truck drivers do not wear a seat-belt. At 83% self-reported seat-belt use, truckers are doing a whole lot better than in previous decades, such as the 1990s when seat-belt use was closer to 20%. Of course, while the numbers look good, it would be even better to get to 100% seat-belt use!! Continue reading “Most Truckers Buckle Up; Here’s Why You Should Join Them”