Scrappy Marketing on a Budget: Grow Social Media Influence

Being scrappy with resources doesn’t mean a dealership’s marketing strategies should suffer. Even on a tight budget, commercial dealers can maximize exposure, cultivate a sterling reputation, develop a leading voice, and become a powerhouse in sales. In Part 2 of our Scrappy Marketing on a Budget series, we’re discussing how that success can be achieved when dealers Grow Social Media Influence!! … More Scrappy Marketing on a Budget: Grow Social Media Influence

10 Vehicle Dealership Tips for Working Smarter

2018 has so far been a breakthrough year. Our commercial sales training program has had more telephone calls in the last two months from dealerships who suddenly want to get into commercial sales than in the last five years combined. Over the last few years, sales have hit records as an improving economy, rising wages, and low interest rates have driven consumers to invest in new vehicles. … More 10 Vehicle Dealership Tips for Working Smarter

Staying Connected On The Road

Alabama’s song, “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)”, is one of the more famous trucking songs out there. Central to the song is what is foremost in the heart of every trucker: a connection to family. Being away from loved ones is a well-known theme of the trucking life; a stereotype that’s not accurate for every driver, but rooted in truth for many truckers on the road. This can make it tough for those behind the wheel to stay connected to their friends and family. … More Staying Connected On The Road

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: Retention & Fixed Ops

It’s so easy for a team to lose points if there isn’t someone keeping an eye on the ball. And it’s easy for a dealership to lose leads and sales if there isn’t a manager position dedicated to growing absorption rates and expanding fixed ops. Okay, that moved from baseball analogy to technical jargon pretty quickly, so … More Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: Retention & Fixed Ops


Webster’s Dictionary defines leverage as “a mechanical advantage gained by the use of a lever.” Applying that definition to dealerships, leverage is a sales advantage gained by creating and exerting influence over an intended target. I think the key to successful sales, therefore, is knowing how to develop and apply leverage … More Leverage

Trucking Couples Share the Cab, Get the Job Done

As trucking companies continue to report difficulty finding drivers, the industry is now seeking older couples who can be trained as trucking co-drivers. It’s not a common driving arrangement, but it might not be as crazy as you think! Jim and Eva Sisler, a truck-driving couple, are the perfect example. While in truck-driver training, Jim realized his wife could do the job just as well as anyone and encouraged Eva to get trained too. … More Trucking Couples Share the Cab, Get the Job Done

The Right Stuff!

The movie “The Right Stuff” was the story of the early jet test pilots and the first seven astronauts selected by the NASA space program for the Mercury project. The courage and tenacity of these pioneers is a testimony to the human urge to go beyond danger and fear to reach what is often believed unreachable … More The Right Stuff!