Successful Selling: Creatively Getting Prospects to Visit Your Website

Technology. Websites. Internal Metrics. Social Media. We live and work in a rapidly evolving world with more online tools than ever before. While some sales principles will always remain constant, success in our competitive industry requires commercial dealerships and salespeople who adopt the digital tools that help sell more inventory.

Welcome to Part 4 of our commercial dealership Successful Selling blog series, produced through a partnership between Commercial Web Services, Commercial Truck Trader, and Equipment Trader. As leading providers of innovative solutions that connect buyers and sellers in the equipment and trucking industries, we’re committed to using this blog series to help dealers reach more customers.

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Today we’re talking about creative strategies for getting prospects to visit your website!! Continue reading “Successful Selling: Creatively Getting Prospects to Visit Your Website”

10 Vehicle Dealership Tips for Working Smarter

2018 has so far been a breakthrough year. Our commercial sales training program has had more telephone calls in the last two months from dealerships who suddenly want to get into commercial sales than in the last five years combined. Over the last few years, sales have hit records as an improving economy, rising wages, and low interest rates have driven consumers to invest in new vehicles. Continue reading “10 Vehicle Dealership Tips for Working Smarter”

How to Gain Endless Referrals!

Recently, we’ve been talking about using referrals to gain appointments with prospects. In November, I wrote about “Leverage” and how you can create influence over customers by building positive and productive relationships. This relational leverage is valuable because it gives dealers the ability to ask for important favors from customers, like referrals. Then, in December, we talked about how those referral calls typically go and why they work so well when engaging a prospect.

As we dive deeper into the process of gaining referrals, I want to mention a saying that I live by: “In a bad system, even a great salesperson will most likely fail. But in a great system, even an average salesperson will most likely succeed!” Our system to Gain Endless Referrals is called our “Vendor Referral Program.”  Here are the main focal points: Continue reading “How to Gain Endless Referrals!”

The Accountability Chain

Chain ET Resized

You have been through the scenario before.  Your sales people make their business plans, you review them together, and six months later, nothing has happened!  They are doing all of the things they did the year before!  All of the great intentions of contacting new prospects, expanding their business base, and initiating a marketing program are still on paper.  Before we point the finger at their lack to follow through, look in the mirror first.  Did you create any accountability with their plans?  The usual answer is no.

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It Doesn’t Have to be Cold Out There!

I still get in heated discussions with commercial sales consultants who will defend cold calls until the end; after all, they started their careers cold calling and it was how they built their business. I am not totally against cold calling, but that does not mean that cold calling remains the best method to grow sales. In fact, there is some pretty good evidence that there are more effective ways to generate leads and sales. Unfortunately, much of the commercial vehicle sales industry continues to over-rely on cold calling, so today we’re taking a closer look at cold calls and the real ways to make profitable connections.
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Good Questions Are Critical to Making Good Recommendations

We listen to a lot of phone calls from prospective buyers to commercial dealerships. It gives us a really good temperature reading on the sales acumen of commercial salespeople. Some dealers handle phone calls beautifully, and we can learn from their techniques. Let’s spend a couple of minutes discussing some best practices for inbound phone call leads. Continue reading “Good Questions Are Critical to Making Good Recommendations”