Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: Retention & Fixed Ops

It’s so easy for a team to lose points if there isn’t someone keeping an eye on the ball. And it’s easy for a dealership to lose leads and sales if there isn’t a manager position dedicated to growing absorption rates and expanding fixed ops. Okay, that moved from baseball analogy to technical jargon pretty quickly, so let’s take this a step at a time. Continue reading “Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: Retention & Fixed Ops”

How Far is Too Far?

It’s perhaps one of the biggest tensions that marketing professionals have to wrestle with: How far is too far? Dealers selling anything from dozers and big-rigs to toothpaste and toys have to figure out ways to be relevant, edgy, and interesting, while still keeping their target demographics in mind. How can we keep our current customers feeling good about our products so they don’t leave, while also being dynamic enough to bring in new buyers – especially younger generations that can keep your company in business for decades to come??
Continue reading “How Far is Too Far?”

4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Truck Scales

Industries from shipping and transportation to construction and logistics use various truck scales for diverse weighing needs. However, paying a small fortune for new equipment — or paying frequent rent that keeps adding up — might not be feasible for many businesses. The trick is to find the right truck scale that doesn’t break the bank, but still offers a superior weighing solution. Continue reading “4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Truck Scales”

Do More Regulations Make Roads Safer?


The debate over safety, government regulation, and drivers’ rights continues to rage, and there’s no clear sign of resolution on the horizon.

On one hand are families who have lost loved ones in truck-related accidents. Many of them continue to call for tougher laws on the transportation industry, especially on how many hours a trucker can drive in a day and what safety training is required. Continue reading “Do More Regulations Make Roads Safer?”