4 Tips for Optimizing Inventory Listings

There’s a reason Commercial Truck Trader is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling commercial vehicles. Well, actually, there are a few reasons. Today we’re going to talk about one that really excites our dealers: the opportunity to optimize their inventory listings so that they can more quickly and efficiently connect with the buyers who are most likely to be interested and make a purchase. Keep reading to explore a Tips for Optimizing Inventory Listings!! Continue reading “4 Tips for Optimizing Inventory Listings”

4 Ways to Retain Truck Drivers

Talk to almost anyone in the trucking industry and you’re likely to hear concerns about so many drivers leaving their companies and even quitting the industry altogether! In fact, the ongoing driver shortage is the number one reported issue for carriers, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. That makes difficulty finding qualified drivers a bigger concern than the controversial ELD mandate or hours of service regulations. From coast to coast, the trucker shortage is causing major upsets in the transportation industry. Continue reading “4 Ways to Retain Truck Drivers”