Upgrading Mayberry: Digital Ads Bring Business Into the Future


Some days we may wish for simpler times, like those in Mayberry, but business is no longer as easy as opening the doors to your dealership and waiting for customers to arrive. Success now requires utilizing your computer or mobile phone to take full advantage of opportunities to develop leads online, using emerging and innovative methods. Digital advertising in an online marketplace is a smart way to keep your business growing by meeting millions of buyers where they are. And where are they? Online. Did you know that 85% of shoppers research a product online as the very first step of the purchasing process?? We can hold on to the sense of honest community and sweet simplicity that we remember from those old black-and-white sitcoms, but it’s time to bring our advertising into the 21st Century!! Continue reading “Upgrading Mayberry: Digital Ads Bring Business Into the Future”

Operating a Food Truck: The Definitive Infographic

What started as a simple chuckwagon in the Wild West is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Food trucks. They’re not just for selling ice cream or tacos anymore. At today’s mobile kitchens you can find everything from gourmet grilled cheese to snail lollipops (yes, seriously). We recently interviewed a former trucker who started her own bacon-themed food truck in Vegas (you can read that Q&A here!!). If you’re curious about what it would take to own and run your own mobile kitchen, here is The Definitive Infographic on Operating a Food Truck!! Continue reading “Operating a Food Truck: The Definitive Infographic”

Rethinking Leads: Why We Should Embrace Emerging Opportunities

Rethink Leads Image 1

Before online ads and targeted emails, and even before telemarketing and robocalls, sales often involved door-to-door salesmen and saleswomen traveling across the country, pitching to strangers. It was the coldest call imaginable, but also the only way to develop a hard lead outside of a customer physically entering a store or dealership. As technology developed, phone calls, emails, and website live-chat features have each, in turn, become widely accepted across industries as additional methods for contacting and nurturing leads. Continue reading “Rethinking Leads: Why We Should Embrace Emerging Opportunities”