Commercial Truck Trader’s Charles Bowles to Host UTA Webinar

Charles BowlesCommercial Truck Trader, the leading online classified marketplace for commercial vehicles, is excited to announce that Charles Bowles, Director of Strategic Initiatives, is partnering with the Used Truck Association‘s Training Committee to host a webinar titled “Digital Sales Best Practices,” which will be held on October 25th at 2:00pm EST. Continue reading “Commercial Truck Trader’s Charles Bowles to Host UTA Webinar”

Rethinking Leads: Why We Should Embrace Emerging Opportunities

Rethink Leads Image 1

Before online ads and targeted emails, and even before telemarketing and robocalls, sales often involved door-to-door salesmen and saleswomen traveling across the country, pitching to strangers. It was the coldest call imaginable, but also the only way to develop a hard lead outside of a customer physically entering a store or dealership. As technology developed, phone calls, emails, and website live-chat features have each, in turn, become widely accepted across industries as additional methods for contacting and nurturing leads. Continue reading “Rethinking Leads: Why We Should Embrace Emerging Opportunities”