On-The-Road Marketing: How Truckers Can Build A Brand

Together, truckers like you move over 10.42 billion tons of freight each year. This requires dedication, focus, and skill, which you surely have in spades. However, hiring managers sometimes need help recognizing those valuable traits. To land more jobs — and the best jobs — you may have to make your qualifications more evident. You may have to build a personal brand. This isn’t being full of yourself; it’s simply providing potential employers with opportunities to get to know you. With solid marketing, employers may even come to you with job offers!! Of course, this isn’t easy when your job takes up so much of your time. To help, we’ve put together 5 fast and easy tips for building a personal trucker brand while you’re on-the-road!! Continue reading “On-The-Road Marketing: How Truckers Can Build A Brand”

Find the Right Vehicle with the “Truck Locator”

Sometimes you can’t seem to find the truck you want, no matter how many keywords you try. You might want a specific light-duty Chevy or a heavy-duty Ford. Maybe you want a particular upfit or other special features. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything other than the vehicle that’s exactly right for you and your work.

That’s where Commercial Truck Trader’s “Truck Locator” comes in! Simply fill in the features you want for your truck and we will send your request to dealers in our network. Dealers who may have what you are looking for will contact you! Continue reading “Find the Right Vehicle with the “Truck Locator””