The Future of Road Travel

Aerial view of a massive highway intersection in Tokyo, Japan

In the 1800s, the steam locomotive and the Transcontinental Railroad revolutionized transportation. In the 1900s, the automobile and the Interstate Highway System was another game-changer. Now that we’re in the 2000s, our roads are overcrowded, in poor condition, chronically underfunded, and increasingly dangerous. In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) only gives the U.S. grades of C+ for bridges, D for roads, and D- for transit – and if you drive for a living, those grades are likely not surprising. Continue reading “The Future of Road Travel”

Is the Tire of the Future Airless??

Back in 2007, we were excited to talk about Michelin’s new XDA5 tire, which incorporated multidimensional treads that would reveal new grooves and blocks as the tire wore down. It was an innovative design that dramatically expanding the lifespan of Class 8 tires. Ten years later, we’re again exploring tire innovations, and Michelin is still there at the front of the pack, this time with a 3D-printed, airless prototype tire. Say hello to the VISION tire. Continue reading “Is the Tire of the Future Airless??”

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Trucker Training?

VR Training Original

Trucking is admittedly a very cool profession, but at the same time, trucking is not a game. When drivers are behind the wheel of a big rig, sharp driving skills and quick reflexes can make the difference between safety and collisions, between life and death. Trucker training, then, is of utmost importance among semi truck drivers. Continue reading “Is Virtual Reality the Future of Trucker Training?”

Upgrading Mayberry: Digital Ads Bring Business Into the Future


Some days we may wish for simpler times, like those in Mayberry, but business is no longer as easy as opening the doors to your dealership and waiting for customers to arrive. Success now requires utilizing your computer or mobile phone to take full advantage of opportunities to develop leads online, using emerging and innovative methods. Digital advertising in an online marketplace is a smart way to keep your business growing by meeting millions of buyers where they are. And where are they? Online. Did you know that 85% of shoppers research a product online as the very first step of the purchasing process?? We can hold on to the sense of honest community and sweet simplicity that we remember from those old black-and-white sitcoms, but it’s time to bring our advertising into the 21st Century!! Continue reading “Upgrading Mayberry: Digital Ads Bring Business Into the Future”

Why Self-Driving Tech is Coming, Despite Concerns


Automated technology is a tricky subject for truck drivers. To be clear, few truckers on the road today will lose their jobs to self-driving technology. Fully automated vehicles (AVs) won’t be available for a long time and the public is too wary of driverless cars to allow rapid implementation – two of the points we made in our recent article, “4 Reasons Why Truckers are Here to Stay.” However, the story may be quite different in 40 to 50 years. Today we want to look to that more distant future and attempt to understand Why Self-Driving Technology is Coming, Despite Concerns. Continue reading “Why Self-Driving Tech is Coming, Despite Concerns”

4 Reasons Why Truckers Are Here to Stay

Lonely Truck

Self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles. Driverless trucks. Whatever you call it, the future of transportation is both exciting and a little scary. It can be especially nerve-wracking if you’re someone who drives for a living. Yet while the widespread adoption of automated vehicles (AVs) may seem inevitable, truckers won’t be so easily pushed out of the driver’s seat! At least not for the next few decades. Here are 4 Reasons Why Truckers Are Here to Stay!! Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Truckers Are Here to Stay”

Breaking Down The 6 Levels of Self-Driving Automation

Self Driving

News and opinions about autonomous, aka self-driving, cars are everywhere, especially if you’re in the transportation industry. There is much to say about such vehicles – in fact, this is the start of a blog series on that very subject! But to have a discussion, we first need to know what we’re talking about! Continue reading “Breaking Down The 6 Levels of Self-Driving Automation”

Volvo BeeVan Could Be the Truck of the Future

The Volvo BeeVanWhile the Volvo “BeeVan” only exists now as a one-quarter-scale model truck concept, it does give an amazing glimpse of where truck aerodynamics and technology are likely to go.

Produced for the 2007 Michelin Challenge Design competition by Volvo Trucks North America, the BeeVan places the driver front and center in the truck’s cab, instead of the traditional left-side position. The folks at Volvo call this FVDP – Full-View Driver Position. Continue reading “Volvo BeeVan Could Be the Truck of the Future”

Trucking Regulations: Do Fewer Laws Mean More Dangerous Roads?

The New York Times features a story on the debate over trucking laws and the government’s role in regulating the industry.

Families who have lost loved ones in truck-related accidents are calling for tougher laws on trucks, focusing on how many hours a trucker can drive in a day and training requirements. Continue reading “Trucking Regulations: Do Fewer Laws Mean More Dangerous Roads?”