Back to School: Lessons & Reminders for Truckers


As summer comes to end, families across the country are gearing up for the return of school. Notebooks, pencils, class schedules, carpools — there’s quite a bit to organize before a new semester. At Commercial Truck Trader, we’ve decided to go back to school, too, and have put together this list of tidy reminders for both new truckers and those simply looking for a refresher course in the basics.

Here is Commercial Truck Trader’s Back to School Checklist: Continue reading “Back to School: Lessons & Reminders for Truckers”

A Trucker’s Best Friend

Dog Riding

Did you know that over 60% of OTR drivers are pet-owners, and that 40% take their pets on the road with them?? That’s according to a recent Harris poll, and it got us thinking about trucking with man’s best friend. Bringing a dog on the road creates a fun and unique trucking experience, but there can actually be a lot that goes into preparing for and driving with a canine in the cab. Here’s what you need to know about Dogs in Trucking!! Continue reading “A Trucker’s Best Friend”

Truckers need sleep to stay safe

Do you get enough sleep before you get behind the wheel?

While most truckers know that a solid 8 hours of sleep is recommended for alert and safe driving, deadlines and tight schedules often get in the way.

When they don’t have enough time for a full night’s rest, stressed truckers use methods ranging from quick naps to energy drinks to keep rolling. This may keep drivers on time, but it can’t make up for a good night’s rest.

How do you get the sleep you need to drive safely? Do you have any tips or advice to offer other truckers? Leave a comment below and tell us your story.