Trucking Couples Share the Cab, Get the Job Done


As trucking companies continue to report difficulty finding drivers, the industry is increasingly looking to couples who can be trained as trucking co-drivers. These teams allow a vehicle’s operating hours to be dramatically increased and freight can arrive much sooner, which is good news to transportation fleets. There are big benefits for the trucking couples too, so while it’s still relatively uncommon, sharing the cab with a romantic partner or spouse might not be as crazy as you think!

Jim and Eva Sisler, a truck-driving team, are the perfect example. While in truck-driver training, Jim realized his wife could do the job just as well as anyone and encouraged Eva to get trained too. As partners in the cab, they now travel the country together in their big rig without having to worry about missing time with each other while on the job. Plus, they’ve been able to earn greater income, save more money, and build a retirement account. Continue reading “Trucking Couples Share the Cab, Get the Job Done”