9 Tips for Improving Your Driver Coaching Program

Maybe you’re a fleet manager looking to improve your existing coaching program. Perhaps you’re an employee proposing a new driver training initiative to company management. Or you could be a veteran behind the wheel who enjoys informally coaching young drivers. Whatever your situation, there are major incentives for wanting to set up or improve a driver education program. After all, safe and efficient driving decreases fuel and maintenance costs while protecting drivers and the company’s reputation. For all those reasons and more, Commercial Truck Trader has put together 9 tips for improving your driver coaching program: 

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11 New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers in 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a rough year for just about everybody, but we’re optimistic as we look forward into 2021. By making — and keeping! — a few New Year’s resolutions, you too could be in store for your best year as a driver or small business owner ever. Here are Commercial Truck Trader’s 11 New Year’s resolutions for drivers in 2021: 

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5 Tips For Preventing Truck Accidents

Logging Truck overturned in accident on highway

Driving a vehicle always involves risk. Driving a large vehicle such as a semi-truck involves even greater risk. In addition to potential property damage in the event of a collision, big-rigs are also a greater risk for causing serious injuries if they crash on the road. While it’s true that many truck accidents are unavoidable, there are plenty of actions drivers can take to prevent a variety of semi-truck crashes. Because avoiding truck accidents is everyone’s job, here are 5 tips for preventing truck accidents for drivers of both big-rigs and passenger vehicles. Continue reading “5 Tips For Preventing Truck Accidents”

Texting Truckers: How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?

Driving a truck

Even if you are not a truck driver, you’ve likely been warned about using your cell phone – especially texting – while operating a vehicle. However, the dangers of driving while distracted take on even greater significance when the vehicle being operated is a bigger work truck or van, or an even more massive semi-truck. This is not news to commercial drivers, 93% of whom believe that reading a text while driving is a distraction. So how many truckers read and send texts? Continue reading “Texting Truckers: How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?”

New Recommendations for Trucking Safety from the NTSB

NTSB Truck Safety.jpg

Humble truckers may not often mention it, but the work they do can be very dangerous. It’s an unfortunate – but well-known – fact that thousands of people die every year in transportation accidents. In trucking, drivers are constantly faced with heavy traffic, distractions, stress, fatigue, and sleeping problems. As we look to solve issues in transportation, a changing world and innovations in technology can introduce new threats, and new solutions. Continue reading “New Recommendations for Trucking Safety from the NTSB”