Scrappy Marketing on a Budget: Benefits of Dynamic Email Campaigns

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In a highly competitive market, the struggle for exposure can be difficult and expensive, and sometimes your own resources aren’t available for a costly campaign blitz. This is why commercial dealership success requires a nimble-minded ability to think outside the box and develop advertising solutions that don’t break the bank. In other words, commercial dealers need to learn how to be scrappy in marketing without spending a dime — or at least, spending very few dimes.

It’s important to keep in mind that being scrappy with resources doesn’t mean a dealership’s marketing strategies should suffer. Even on a tight budget, commercial dealers can maximize exposure, cultivate a sterling reputation, develop a leading voice, and become a powerhouse in sales. In Part 5A of our Scrappy Marketing on a Budget series, we’re discussing the Benefits of Dynamic Email Campaigns. Continue reading “Scrappy Marketing on a Budget: Benefits of Dynamic Email Campaigns”

Sea of Opportunity: Tips for Organizational Networking

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Here’s a fun fact: bottlenose dolphins and “false-killer whales” (which happen to look like orcas) are distinct species, but often form interspecies “super-pods” to coordinate hunting, with dolphins eating first and making way for the false-killers to prey upon smaller mackerel schools that hide among larger fish. In fact, dolphins and false-killers not only hunt together, but socialize, travel, rest, and even babysit in groups, forming lifelong bonds that occur over many years and great distances. At first glance, there’s no reason for these separate species to interact, but they’ve learned that together — in numbers which can reach into the hundreds — they can accomplish complementary goals. That diverse groups provide opportunities for mutual gain is a lesson commercial salespeople should learn as well. Continue reading “Sea of Opportunity: Tips for Organizational Networking”

Successful Selling: Internal Metrics That Help Maximize Website Data

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Technology. Websites. Internal Metrics. Social Media. We live and work in a rapidly evolving world with more online tools than ever before. While some sales principles will always remain constant, success in our competitive industry requires commercial dealerships and salespeople who adopt the digital tools that help sell more inventory.

Welcome to Part 1 of our commercial dealership Successful Selling blog series, produced through a partnership between Commercial Web ServicesCommercial Truck Trader, and Equipment Trader. As leading providers of innovative solutions that connect buyers and sellers in the equipment and trucking industries, we’re committed to using this blog series to help dealers reach more customers. To that end, today we’re talking about internal metrics that maximize website data to help dealers understand, approach, and capture the attention of customers. Continue reading “Successful Selling: Internal Metrics That Help Maximize Website Data”

Generating Leads Through Content Development

There are many ways to develop leads and connections, from growing your networking leverage and building a sphere of influence to advertising through emerging technology and bold marketing strategies. Personable relationships and attention-grabbing campaigns are certainly effective and lead to a great deal of sales. However, these are only two parts of a strategic, connection-generating trifecta. What is this third, final piece of the puzzle? We’re glad you asked, because today we’re talking about Generating Leads Through Content Development!! Continue reading “Generating Leads Through Content Development”


Webster’s Dictionary defines leverage as “a mechanical advantage gained by the use of a lever.” Applying that definition to dealerships, leverage is a sales advantage gained by creating and exerting influence over an intended target. I think the key to successful sales, therefore, is knowing how to develop and apply leverage over current and new customers. And the most effective way you can create and exert that influence is by building positive and productive relationships! Continue reading “Leverage”

Discover Local Vehicle Dealerships with “Find a Dealer”

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Searching for a vehicle on the Internet can provide many options – we should know, people find the perfect vehicle for themselves every single day on Commercial Truck Trader!! But sometimes you just want to find one specific dealer. Maybe you’re looking for dealers close to you so you can inspect their inventory personally. Or maybe you want to buy from a dealer you’ve purchased from before, but just can’t remember their name. Continue reading “Discover Local Vehicle Dealerships with “Find a Dealer””

Cost Per Lead

In prospecting for new customers there are many ways to target.  Three important measures successful companies use to evaluate the effectiveness of any successful marketing campaign are “cost per prospect,” “cost per lead,’ and “cost per sale.”  Let’s look at all three terms and then talk about the most effective ways to gain new customers. Continue reading “Cost Per Lead”

Find a Truck Dealer Near You with the “Find a Dealer” Feature

Searching for a truck on the Internet can provide many options – we should know, people find the perfect truck for themselves every single day on Commercial Truck Trader!! But sometimes you just want to go to a local dealer and look at a truck yourself. Kicking tires and looking under the hood can’t be done on a computer (at least not yet!).

If you want to close a truck sale with a firm handshake instead of the click of a mouse, use the Commercial Truck Trader “Find a Dealer” feature.

Our easy-to-use feature lets you find dealers across the country by searching via state and/or zip-code. Or, you could browse dealers by what type of truck they sell. Or, if you’ve got a specific dealer or make in mind, you can use the “Dealer Search” box to conduct a more detailed search. No matter what, we’ve provided all the tools you need to find any one of our over 3,000 dealers!!

We’ve previously highlighted our “Truck Locator” feature, which you can read here!!