10 Tips for Building the Best Commercial Dealership Team

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I get phone-calls and emails almost weekly from new commercial vehicles salespeople. Many of them are near the end of a three- or six-month draw against commission and are looking for answers on how to survive when their draw disappears and their income becomes based on commission. I typically ask the same questions — and receive the same answers:

Q: “What has been your main prospecting activity?

A: “I was told to knock on doors of local businesses.

Q: “Have you attended any trade associations or group functions?

A: “I only go to the Chamber of Commerce events.”

Q: “Doing those activities, have you had meetings with decision-makers?

A: “Very rarely. How do I get those appointments?

You get the idea. Only a small percentage of these new hires make it past the guaranteed draw period, much to the frustration of the commercial sales manager. What sets apart the dealerships that seem to consistently find success when building their team? In my view, the answer lies in developing and implementing quality hiring, training, and management practices. Here are 10 tips (3 tips on hiring, 5 on training, 2 on management) to help you build the best dealership team: Continue reading “10 Tips for Building the Best Commercial Dealership Team”

The Dispatch E3: Recruiting New Talent to Your Dealership (ft. Hireology V.P. Kevin Baumgart)

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Hello and welcome to The Dispatch, a Commercial Sales Podcast where we talk about all things related to commercial trucks, equipment, and trailers. We do this in partnership with Trader Commercial Solutions and their brands CommercialTruckTrader.com, EquipmentTrader.com, and TrailerTrader.com. I’m Ethan Smith and today we’re discussing how your dealership can attract top talent when hiring.

Joining The Dispatch today is Kevin Baumgart, the Vice President of Business Development for Hireology, a leading software platform that helps dozens of commercial dealerships improve on the challenges they face by providing a dealer-specific recruiting and hiring solution. To listen to the podcast, simply click play below, or subscribe on iTunes, GooglePlay, or SoundCloudContinue reading “The Dispatch E3: Recruiting New Talent to Your Dealership (ft. Hireology V.P. Kevin Baumgart)”

Forgotten Talents: Key Traits to Look for When Hiring at Your Dealership

Managers will often tell me about the “talent” and “potential” they see in an applicant or new hire. If that talent and potential work out, that’s great, but usually when I hear those words — especially when they’re combined to discuss “potential talent” — I start to worry. Potential suggests that person “could be” productive and successful one day, if only they receive the right industry and product education, or obtain the right list of targeted prospects, or learn the right sales skills. I don’t mean to sound negative, but there’s a lot of uncertainty in the word “potential.” That’s why, when a dealership’s general manager or commercial sales manager wants me to coach a new hire, or send them to one of our Ultimate Boot Camps, I first have to ask a number of questions. And those questions aren’t about their potential; I want to know about their actions. Continue reading “Forgotten Talents: Key Traits to Look for When Hiring at Your Dealership”