8 Tips for Staying Bright-Eyed While Driving

Drunk driving. Distracted driving. We seem to constantly hear about the dangers related to intoxication or smartphone use while behind the wheel. And for good reason, as both are incredibly important safety concerns. Yet something which can be equally dangerous, but is not often talked about, is driving while drowsy. Continue reading “8 Tips for Staying Bright-Eyed While Driving”

Most Truckers Buckle Up; Here’s Why You Should Join Them

close up of man fastening safety seat belt in car

A recent article in The Hill highlights how only 1 in 6 truck drivers do not wear a seat-belt. At 83% self-reported seat-belt use, truckers are doing a whole lot better than in previous decades, such as the 1990s when seat-belt use was closer to 20%. Of course, while the numbers look good, it would be even better to get to 100% seat-belt use!! Continue reading “Most Truckers Buckle Up; Here’s Why You Should Join Them”

Do More Regulations Make Roads Safer?


The debate over safety, government regulation, and drivers’ rights continues to rage, and there’s no clear sign of resolution on the horizon.

On one hand are families who have lost loved ones in truck-related accidents. Many of them continue to call for tougher laws on the transportation industry, especially on how many hours a trucker can drive in a day and what safety training is required. Continue reading “Do More Regulations Make Roads Safer?”

More Truckers Are Buckling Up for Safety

More and more truckers are buckling up for safety. Are you part of the majority of truckers wearing their seat-belts and saving lives?

If not, you might want to check out this handy myth-busting seat-belt guide for truck drivers from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. It does a good job refuting most arguments against buckling up.

And, of course, wearing a seat-belt is the law. So if only to avoid a ticket, you should buckle up on the road!!

We hope we didn’t sound too much like your mother with all that, but we care about y’all!!

Tell us what you think in the comments below!! Do you wear your seat-belt?? Why or why not??