Warming Up Our Cold Calls

As the Fall season begins, we’ll soon be feeling a chill in the air and warming up by a fireplace with cups of hot chocolate or coffee (possibly pumpkin-spiced). However, warming up your cold calls should be a year-round practice! Most new commercial sales consultants struggle to get started with cold calls, and it is by far the most frequent and recurring topic I receive questions about. I am a big proponent of network- and referral-based selling, but I’m not against … More Warming Up Our Cold Calls

10 Tips for Creating an Ideal Sales Day

It can be easy to look at an Ideal Sales Day Schedule in a vacuum, and think that it’s easy. In fact, it takes a lot of work and strategic planning to consistently put together a string of ideal sales days that add up to an ideal sales week, and then do it again and again and again until you’ve produced an ideal sales year. If you want to create ideal sales days for yourself, and do so consistently day-after-day, you’ll need to follow some of these 10 Tips for Creating a Dealer’s Ideal Day: … More 10 Tips for Creating an Ideal Sales Day

It Doesn’t Have to be Cold Out There!

I still get in heated discussions by commercial sales consultants who tell me they started their careers cold calling and it was how they built their business. That does not mean it is the best method to grow sales, at the time most sales consultants had no formal training on how to properly grow the business. I am not against cold calling. In fact … More It Doesn’t Have to be Cold Out There!