Back to School: Lessons & Reminders for Truckers


As summer comes to end, families across the country are gearing up for the return of school. Notebooks, pencils, class schedules, carpools — there’s quite a bit to organize before a new semester. At Commercial Truck Trader, we’ve decided to go back to school, too, and have put together this list of tidy reminders for both new truckers and those simply looking for a refresher course in the basics.

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Former Convicts as Truck Drivers. A Second Chance or Road Danger?

With the demand for truck drivers at an all time high, a CDL certificate is an option for prison inmates looking for a fresh start.

After serving sentences for their crimes, inmates who are granted parole begin looking for work. Some prepare for post-prison employment by earning their CDL while behind bars.

The Houston Chronicle reports that a quarter of truckers who were faulted for accidents in Texas had prior criminal records. Over 14% had committed drug or alcohol offenses before their accidents, and over 10% were felons.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!! Do ex-con truckers deserve a second chance or are they a danger to others on the road??