Apps to Make Your Business Smarter Part 3: Productivity Apps

Phone Rustic

For many of us, weekends are committed to watching college and/or pro sports. Throughout the years, technology has changed the game, from radio receivers in helmets to smart-tablets on the sidelines. And if I ever have to miss a game, you’d better believe I’m getting constant real-time updates through various sports apps on my smartphone!

Apps can also help you make a gameplan for your business by decreasing uncertainty, lowering costs, and accurately forecasting expenses. Implementing new technology can make your company the ideal “team to play for,” helping you attract and retain drivers, thus maintaining and increasing efficiency.

In this 3-part series, we’re sharing some specific apps and their benefits that are quickly making them primary tools for fleet management!! Previously we’ve covered Fleet Management and Safety Apps. Today, in the final entry, we’ll discuss Productivity Apps! Continue reading “Apps to Make Your Business Smarter Part 3: Productivity Apps”