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  1. You guys have some good stuff on here. I like the article on the completion of I-95 (28 hour drive..whew)..

    I wanted to mention Tow Dough as an option for those with towing companies looking to finance a new or used truck. We’re quickly working our way up, and wanted to provide a valuable service to your reader base. If anyone is interested in checking us out, find us at

    Stay safe out there guys and gals. #LetsRoll

  2. I’m located in eastern pa . I’ve been driving for just shy of ten years and always wanted to own my own truck and finally want to try and do it but am a little Leary as how to step into it…. Is there anywhere good to lease in at where you actually get treated right and don’t have to have brand new emissions equipped equipment… or is that pretty much my only option

    1. Zach,

      I would reach out to Select Trucks ( You can get a solid used truck for a lot less than you think. There’s bound to be one near you.


  3. For any vehicle transportation moves, reach out to Posey Logistics, Inc. We specialize in moves for upfitters, fleet, dealer trades, etc. Regardless of the distance or number of vehicles being transported, we can help you get the job done. 248-724-3035.

  4. My name is David, I would like to know how to start my own business in a Truck industry. Please contact me if you have knowledge and understanding of how to start. My goal is to own a truck and have driver(s) to drive it. Please contact me at (708) 769-6644

    Our lender made changes to previously restricted titled long haul equipment.
    Now will consider long haul independent owner/operators for trucks and trailers.
    Minimum 2 years as an O/O
    60 month terms for new and up to 48 months for used equipment
    Trucks 10 years old or newer–Trailers 15 years old or newer
    $50,000 or less requires personal financial statements and 3 months bank statements
    Over $50,000 requires full financial disclosure including 2 year’s tax returns Owner/Operator Truck and Trailer Financing Program now up to $100K. Call Alex 941-462-2449

  6. I’m sure some of your readers would very interested in a new website dedicated to sourcing New & Used Parts that is completely free and open for all buyers to use. It will save anybody searching for parts time and money as they only submit 1 enquiry then sit back and wait for the suppliers to quote. connects buyers directly with suppliers and they then communicate freely by email. No other site is so simple to use.

  7. Hi I would love to add our business to your list… Freight Pros LLC. We specialize in shipments of heavy equipment. If you need someone to move your equipment after you have purchased it… Just call us 770-725-2215.

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