4 Big Reasons to Buy Used Commercial Vehicles

From expanding your fleet to simply replacing unrepairable trucks, there are many motivations that may lead you to consider buying a commercial vehicle. At Commercial Truck Trader, we’re dedicated to connecting business owners and drivers with the very best trucks and vans for their lives and livelihoods. Our online marketplace offers listings of new and used vehicles. Those glossy new trucks are immediately appealing to anyone. However, for some customers, new isn’t always the most practical choice, which is why used commercial vehicles also perform so strongly on our site.

What makes purchasing a used truck or van such a smart decision for so many? In this article, we’ll review the primary benefits of buying used trucks and vans! Continue scrolling to find 4 big reasons to buy used commercial vehicles:

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7 Tips for Buying Used Commercial Vehicles

At Commercial Truck Trader, we always want to help our customers find the very best commercial vehicles for their lives and work. Our website carries a huge inventory of heavy and medium duty trucks, vans, and trailers — both new and used. While new is the right choice for some — a shiny, fresh off the assembly line truck can certainly be tempting! — there are big advantages to buying used vehicles. More “experienced” trucks and vans are going to be more affordable and the used market offers a wide variety of options, giving you the flexibility to find the vehicle that you’re most comfortable with and that’s best for your professional needs. To help out with your used purchases, today we’ve assembled 7 Tips for Buying Used Commercial Vehicles!! Continue reading “7 Tips for Buying Used Commercial Vehicles”

New Wave for Commercial Trucks?

In the May edition of their commercial truck Guidelines report, ATD/NADA Commercial Truck analysts looked at the state of the natural gas market. Although there are not many in supply since few are in demand, it is slowly developing in class 6-8 commercial trucks.

Multiple observations illustrate the chicken-egg scenario for both buyers and consumers are hesitant to shift that direction without assurance of the long-term value. According to Chris Visser, senior analyst, “production needs to ramp up for price to come down, but until price comes down demand won’t increase.”

Perhaps the other major factor contributing to the low demand for natural gas is the low price of diesel. Thanks to fracking, the US is now the world’s largest producer of crude oil; a trend that will likely stand until the 2030’s. Despite the US also being the world’s largest producer of natural gas, the low price of natural gas alone is not adequate enough to make the math work out for most trucking operations.

Visser believes there is one factor that could rekindle interest in natural gas stating, “There’s a moderately good chance that the Commerce Department will relax export restrictions on domestic crude.”
For now, analysts will examine the few used natural gas trucks entering the secondary market, which they predict will penetrate 15-20% by 2020.

NADA has assured that it will continue to closely monitor our incoming sales data from Manheim, ADESA, regional auctions, individual dealers, dealer groups, and OEM’s for sales of NG trucks. For more info and the full 2015 May Guidelines report from ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide, visit http://www.nada.com/b2b.

From Our Perspective…

By Charles Bowles
Commercial Trucks
It doesn’t appear that there will be a slowdown in commercial truck sales any time soon. According to WardsAuto.com, Domestic medium- and heavy-duty new truck sales rose for the 27thstraight month in March. And, the supply continues to tighten in the used sector.
We are, however, seeing some decreases in specific classes of trucks. Medium-duty sales are still a mixed bag, reflecting, in part, the reliance on the housing sector for certain truck types. Until the housing market kicks back into gear (any gear, please!), we’ll see continued fluctuations.
CommercialTruckTrader.com is beginning to see variances in the types of searches based on truck type within specific regions, and this makes sense. Different industries in different parts of the country drive sales. For instance, in the Central Plains, Convention sleeper is the number one searched truck type, follow closely by day cab and box truck. In the Northeast, searches for dump trucks account for 25% of the searches on the site last month. And, in the Pacific region, Utility truck and straight truck searches each account for 15% of total searches in that region.

–Charles Bowles is the general sales manager for Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader. You can reach him at charles.bowles@DominionEnterprises.com or by phone at 757-351-7289.