5 of the Biggest Objects Ever Moved on the Road (Infographic)

In the U.S. and around the world, mankind has transported some huge cargo. Especially if you drive semi trucks or tow trucks, you know how hard it can be to pull a heavy load, which makes it even more impressive when people manage to haul a boulder or a space shuttle. In fact, it’s so cool that we’ve collected 5 of the Biggest Objects Ever Moved on the Road in one awesome infographic – take a look! Continue reading “5 of the Biggest Objects Ever Moved on the Road (Infographic)”

The Future of Road Travel

Aerial view of a massive highway intersection in Tokyo, Japan

In the 1800s, the steam locomotive and the Transcontinental Railroad revolutionized transportation. In the 1900s, the automobile and the Interstate Highway System was another game-changer. Now that we’re in the 2000s, our roads are overcrowded, in poor condition, chronically underfunded, and increasingly dangerous. In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) only gives the U.S. grades of C+ for bridges, D for roads, and D- for transit – and if you drive for a living, those grades are likely not surprising. Continue reading “The Future of Road Travel”

Texting Truckers: How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?

Driving a truck

Even if you are not a truck driver, you’ve likely been warned about using your cell phone – especially texting – while operating a vehicle. However, the dangers of driving while distracted take on even greater significance when the vehicle being operated is a bigger work truck or van, or an even more massive semi-truck. This is not news to commercial drivers, 93% of whom believe that reading a text while driving is a distraction. So how many truckers read and send texts? Continue reading “Texting Truckers: How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?”

8 Tips for Maintaining Mental Health on the Road

Standing with crossed arms

What does it mean to be a successful truck driver? The quick answer is likely something along the lines of “delivering loads on-time and in-full.” That sounds about right, however that answer focuses entirely on the duties of the job and overlooks the condition of the drivers. If we consider the totality of truckers’ lives, we’re more likely to use the definition provided recently by Smart-Trucking.com: “Successful drivers are those who consistently deliver their loads safely, in a timely fashion, while maintaining a decent standard of living.” Continue reading “8 Tips for Maintaining Mental Health on the Road”

New Recommendations for Trucking Safety from the NTSB

NTSB Truck Safety.jpg

Humble truckers may not often mention it, but the work they do can be very dangerous. It’s an unfortunate – but well-known – fact that thousands of people die every year in transportation accidents. In trucking, drivers are constantly faced with heavy traffic, distractions, stress, fatigue, and sleeping problems. As we look to solve issues in transportation, a changing world and innovations in technology can introduce new threats, and new solutions. Continue reading “New Recommendations for Trucking Safety from the NTSB”

8 Essential Gadgets for Truck Drivers

Red big rig semi truck tractor going with empty flat bed semi trailer on the awesome winding road in green forest in Columbia Gorge area

Life as a truck driver is not easy. Even with a decent remuneration package being offered by companies, there’s still an ongoing shortage of drivers. The shortage of drivers is due, in part, to the hardships of life on the road, including isolation/loneliness and negative health impacts. Fortunately for drivers, there are a lot of gadgets that can help make the trucking life better. Here are some essential gadgets for drivers that make driving easier, safer, and more comfortable. Continue reading “8 Essential Gadgets for Truck Drivers”

Autonomous Cargo Drones Could Disrupt Transportation

Cargo Drone

Move aside self-driving semi trucks. It seems we had just begun the debate about the impact that autonomous big-rigs could have on the industry, when a new innovation is introduced that could have an even bigger impact on supply chain logistics and transportation: self-operating cargo drones.

It’s exactly what it sounds like; unmanned cargo drones are being developed in order to revolutionize the transportation of goods across local, regional, and national distances. As delivery companies are implementing package-carrying drones that bring small purchases right to your doorstep, the natural next step seems to be the movement of shipping containers with more advanced drones. Using hybrid engines, many of these aircraft will incorporate both rotary and fixed wings to take off and land like helicopters, while cruising across the sky like airplanes. And they may not be very far off. Continue reading “Autonomous Cargo Drones Could Disrupt Transportation”

New Program To Allow Vets Under 21 to Drive Big-Rigs Across State Lines

Military Driver Big.jpg

Current Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration law prohibits drivers under the age of 21 from driving heavy-duty trucks across state lines. By prohibiting young drivers from accessing interstates for regional or cross-country routes, fleets can be further limited in the midst of the ongoing driver shortage.

However, some relief should soon be on the way in the form of some of our nation’s young service-members, according to OverdriveOnline. Continue reading “New Program To Allow Vets Under 21 to Drive Big-Rigs Across State Lines”

Let’s Drive, Kids: Millennial Recruitment During the Driver Shortage

With rising industry growth and falling unemployment, the economy has been steadily recovering over the past 8 years, following the start of the Great Recession in 2008. That’s overall great news for the nation, however the pool of potential workers is shrinking just as an aging driver population is retiring, federal regulations are restricting hours of service, and younger generations are increasingly associating trucking with low pay, poor working conditions, and an isolated and unhealthy lifestyle. In short, it has become harder and harder for trucking companies to find new drivers. Continue reading “Let’s Drive, Kids: Millennial Recruitment During the Driver Shortage”

The Driver Shortage is Raising Shipping Costs; Are Retail Prices Next?

Ten years ago, trucking was hit especially hard by the Great Recession and thousands of drivers lost their jobs. Growth in subsequent years was slow, but consistent, and there was a large pool of potential drivers for trucking companies to hire. However, the general economy has now largely recovered and, with more and more goods being produced and in need of transportation (and with Amazon and Walmart disrupting the market in a breakneck competition to rush-deliver products), a trucking workforce that is still relatively small cannot keep up with demand. Continue reading “The Driver Shortage is Raising Shipping Costs; Are Retail Prices Next?”