What is Multi-Click Attribution and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

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There’s a growing concept in sales that is changing how we think about online advertising: “multi-click attribution.” Traditionally, credit for a sale is given to whatever source last came into contact with a consumer; that’s called “last-click attribution.” But as the pathway of online sales becomes more complex, it’s increasingly important to recognize the role of multiple sources of contact which encourage purchases at various times in various ways. This more nuanced approach to understanding online marketing and sales is called multi-click attribution and it can be an extremely important tool in guiding your marketing dollars! Continue reading “What is Multi-Click Attribution and How Can It Benefit Your Business?”

Upgrading Mayberry: Digital Ads Bring Business Into the Future


Some days we may wish for simpler times, like those in Mayberry, but business is no longer as easy as opening the doors to your dealership and waiting for customers to arrive. Success now requires utilizing your computer or mobile phone to take full advantage of opportunities to develop leads online, using emerging and innovative methods. Digital advertising in an online marketplace is a smart way to keep your business growing by meeting millions of buyers where they are. And where are they? Online. Did you know that 85% of shoppers research a product online as the very first step of the purchasing process?? We can hold on to the sense of honest community and sweet simplicity that we remember from those old black-and-white sitcoms, but it’s time to bring our advertising into the 21st Century!! Continue reading “Upgrading Mayberry: Digital Ads Bring Business Into the Future”

Why Self-Driving Tech is Coming, Despite Concerns


Automated technology is a tricky subject for truck drivers. To be clear, few truckers on the road today will lose their jobs to self-driving technology. Fully automated vehicles (AVs) won’t be available for a long time and the public is too wary of driverless cars to allow rapid implementation – two of the points we made in our recent article, “4 Reasons Why Truckers are Here to Stay.” However, the story may be quite different in 40 to 50 years. Today we want to look to that more distant future and attempt to understand Why Self-Driving Technology is Coming, Despite Concerns. Continue reading “Why Self-Driving Tech is Coming, Despite Concerns”

4 Reasons Why Truckers Are Here to Stay

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Self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles. Driverless trucks. Whatever you call it, the future of transportation is both exciting and a little scary. It can be especially nerve-wracking if you’re someone who drives for a living. Yet while the widespread adoption of automated vehicles (AVs) may seem inevitable, truckers won’t be so easily pushed out of the driver’s seat! At least not for the next few decades. Here are 4 Reasons Why Truckers Are Here to Stay!! Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Truckers Are Here to Stay”

Breaking Down The 6 Levels of Self-Driving Automation

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News and opinions about autonomous, aka self-driving, cars are everywhere, especially if you’re in the transportation industry. There is much to say about such vehicles – in fact, this is the start of a blog series on that very subject! But to have a discussion, we first need to know what we’re talking about! Continue reading “Breaking Down The 6 Levels of Self-Driving Automation”

Big Brother: The Anti-Cam View of the Dash-Cam Debate

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Don’t you hate it when you’re minding your own business, singing John Denver at the top of your lungs, and your manager from work pops his head in to see how you’re doing? If that awkward situation doesn’t seem very likely, you’re probably not a trucker weighing the pros and cons of dash cams.

While the watchful eye of supervisors at work helps ensure efficiency and keep employees safe, dash cams in trucks are often being pointed not only at the road, but at the driver’s seat as well. Because truck cabs are often personal and intimate spaces for drivers, where they eat, sleep, and even use the bathroom, driver-facing recording devices can start to feel like an invasion of privacy. As the benefits of dash cams make them increasingly popular among fleet managers, trucking companies, and even drivers, it is important to understand how they work and why many truckers have serious concerns about them. Continue reading “Big Brother: The Anti-Cam View of the Dash-Cam Debate”

Rethinking Leads: Why We Should Embrace Emerging Opportunities

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Before online ads and targeted emails, and even before telemarketing and robocalls, sales often involved door-to-door salesmen and saleswomen traveling across the country, pitching to strangers. It was the coldest call imaginable, but also the only way to develop a hard lead outside of a customer physically entering a store or dealership. As technology developed, phone calls, emails, and website live-chat features have each, in turn, become widely accepted across industries as additional methods for contacting and nurturing leads. Continue reading “Rethinking Leads: Why We Should Embrace Emerging Opportunities”

Big Benefits: The Pro-Cam View of the Dash-Cam Debate


You know the chaos that can immediately follow an accident: Four-wheel drivers or property owners claim an incident was all the trucker’s fault and want to sue somebody, the trucker says he did nothing wrong and wants to protect his career, law enforcement tries to make sense of it all, and the insurance and trucking companies fight dirty over every penny possible. It can get ugly fast.

Such nightmare scenarios are why dash cameras (“cams”) are a dream come true for many fleet managers and drivers. From preventative coaching to resolving accident claims, there are many benefits to forward-facing and driver-facing recording devices. With that said, driver-facing dash cams add an element of controversy to the equation, so it’s important to thoroughly understand how dash cams work and why they’re becoming increasingly popular among fleet managers, trucking companies, and even many drivers. Continue reading “Big Benefits: The Pro-Cam View of the Dash-Cam Debate”

Apps to Make Your Business Smarter Part 2: Driver Safety Apps

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Are you reading this blog on your smartphone? If yes, FANTASTIC! You’re also not alone. In fact, the innovation and connectivity offered by apps are an integral part of what makes mobile devices so addictive. According to Pew Research, 93% of users find smartphones helpful and 80% say that they’re worth the cost.

Now, we don’t really need to talk about your Tinder or Farmers-Only profiles, but we should discuss how apps can benefit your business by decreasing uncertainty, lowering costs, and accurately forecasting expenses. In this 3-part series, we’re sharing some specific apps and their benefits that are quickly making them primary tools for fleet management! Previously we covered Fleet Management Apps. Today, in our second blogpost, we’ll discuss Safety Apps!! Continue reading “Apps to Make Your Business Smarter Part 2: Driver Safety Apps”