Do Truckers Still Use the CB Radio?

Back in 2007, we wrote about how the CB radio was alive and well in trucks across the country. Since then, we’ve seen the introduction of even newer, improved mobile technology, including significantly more advanced smartphones, GPS tools, and telematics. Now, as rising generations enter the industry, many ask if they should bother to include a tool that saw its peak in the 1970s … More Do Truckers Still Use the CB Radio?

How Far is Too Far?

It’s perhaps one of the biggest tensions that marketing professionals have to grapple with: How far is too far? Dealers selling anything from dozers and big-rigs to toothpaste and toys have to figure out ways to be relevant, edgy, and interesting, while still keeping their target demographics in mind. … More How Far is Too Far?

Product News and Trends: Now over 15,000 Trucks Mapped to Upfit OEM & Types

We continue to map trucks across Classes to installed body makes and types.  To help in this effort, make sure to send us your upfit invoices or you can do the mapping with IMT Mobile V2! IMT Mobile V2 We’re now up to over 150 dealers using the app per week.  Remember that you can … More Product News and Trends: Now over 15,000 Trucks Mapped to Upfit OEM & Types

9 Steps to Vehicle Dealership Success

I get calls on a regular basis from new commercial sales consultants and most have the same question, “What is the quickest way to grow my sales volume?” My answer to that question is always the same: take a “systematic approach” to the business. No one thing can really jump start sales, but over the last seventeen years training commercial operations, we have come up with a formula that works. … More 9 Steps to Vehicle Dealership Success

Upfits Increase Leads!

Recently on the blog we’ve been talking about all the great reasons for listings to include upfit information, from Big Benefits for Buyers to Awesome Advantages for Dealers!! Among those dealer advantages are 44% more leads for dealers who include upfit details in their listings and 33% higher conversion rates for ads with upfit data!! Including upfit data on Commercial Truck Trader listings is easy for dealers to do … More Upfits Increase Leads!

Product News and Trends: Database Upgrade

We’ve recently upgraded our database, resulting in pages being delivered 33% – 55% faster!  More upgrades are planned through the year that will yield improved performance both in using the Inventory Management Tools and buyers visiting the site. We’re never really done with this work, but it keeps getting better! IMT Mobile V2 We now … More Product News and Trends: Database Upgrade