19 Holiday Gift Ideas for Drivers

How can you give holiday gifts that are both thoughtful and actually useful? If you’re not especially familiar with the driving profession, that can be extra tough when buying presents for a driver. Luckily, Commercial Truck Trader has made it easy to shop for your favorite driver by putting together 19 holiday gift ideas for drivers:

1. Accessories: Fun or personalized seat covers, steering wheel covers, armrest covers, floor mats, and mud flaps are great gifts that help drivers spruce up their mobile workspaces.

2. Seat Gap Filler: Dropping keys, phones, or food into the seat gap is the worst, especially if it happens while driving. Make life easier for the driver you know with a handy seat gap filler.

3. Seat Comfort: Seat cushions and covers, which come with various shapes and heating options, can improve drivers’ comfort, posture, and health. Electric blankets can be good too, and are extra handy on chilly evenings for long-haul drivers who live and sleep in the cab.

4. Cleaning Supplies: A clean and tidy workspace helps drivers stay focused, comfortable, healthy, and safe. Encourage vehicle cleanliness with gifts of a cordless vacuum, in-vehicle trash bin, air fresheners, paper towels, and glass, fabric, or multipurpose cleaner. Get creative and use a new trash bin as a gift basket and fill it with some of the other presents! 

5. Cooking Tools & Appliances: Many drivers cook and eat in the cab, so they’re sure to love items like a new mini-fridge or freezer, hot plate, toaster oven, coffee maker, insulated travel mug, crockpot/slow-cooker, pots and pans, steamer basket, plates, bowls, cups, or travel utensils.

6. A Smartphone: If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, a smartphone has become an essential tool for a driver, often serving as their communication channel for work and for family, GPS, ELD, and entertainment source all in one device. 

7. Sleep Aids: For OTR drivers who sleep away from home, sleep aids are very appreciated. Consider giving them a new sleep mask, pair of ear plugs, blackout curtains, portable humidifier/dehumidifier, memory foam mattress-topper, sheets, blankets, pillows, or even a new mattress.

8. Hand-Held Tire Pressure Monitor: Tire performance is key for safety and efficiency. A hand-held pressure monitor lets a driver check their tire health at any time while on the road.

9. Sun Protection: Help to protect drivers from harmful UV rays with a new hat, pair of polarized sunglasses, long-sleeve shirts, and sunscreen. A new windshield sun-shade for keeping the vehicle cool when parked is always a welcome gift too. 

10. Dash Cams: If it’s not already provided by their company, your favorite driver would love a dash cam, which helpfully provides exonerating visual evidence if they’re in an accident they didn’t cause.

11. Audio Entertainment: Driving is monotonous. Help a driver liven up their experience by giving them a gift card for digital audio books or a music streaming service, or maybe even a brand new radio.

12. Exercise Equipment: It’s hard to stay healthy behind the wheel. You can help drivers trim down or keep fit with resistance bands, weights, a yoga mat, or a folding bike; all of which can be used on the road (or at home, if they drive locally).

13. Portable Vehicle Safe: Some drivers have to carry cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders, which they likely hate to leave in the cab. Help keep their minds at ease with a portable vehicle safe.

14. Pet Supplies: Many OTR drivers bring a pet with them and could likely use pet food, toys, dry pet shampoo, baby wipes, AC filters, lint rollers, cleaning supplies, or water-proof seat covers. Or maybe you can gift a driver their first very pet (but you should probably check with them first!).

15. Cab Decorations: Pictures of family or friends can keep those individuals in a driver’s thoughts, while small posters or signs and dashboard figurines can add character and humor to the cab.

16. “MiFi” Router: These routers provide a great way for drivers to connect online via various mobile devices by turning their smartphone signal into a small, private WiFi network.

17. A Power Inverter: Many of the gifts already mentioned need to be plugged in, and a power inverter allows that to happen by being inserted into the cigarette lighter or a 12V accessory socket and then serving as an outlet where devices can be plugged in and powered.

18. Emergency Tools: You hope they never have to use them, but emergency tools can be the most important gift a driver receives. Consider putting together an emergency kit for the driver in your life, complete with first aid supplies, flashlight, road flares, snow scraper, and seatbelt cutter.

19. A New Work Truck or Van: The ultimate gift for any driver is a new ride. Whether you buy one for yourself or for a driver you know and love, CommercialTruckTrader.com offers a huge inventory of new and used commercial vehicles for-sale nationwide.

Drivers work day and night, at the local, regional, and national level, serving our communities, companies, and our country. They deserve the best during the holidays, and we hope our list of gift ideas has inspired you to find something great for the drivers in your life. Happy Holidays, from the Commercial Truck Trader family!

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