From Big-Rig Bod to Beach Bod (Infographic)

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Everyone wants to have a “beach bod” when summer comes around, but it can be tough when you’re starting with “big-rig bod.” Every driver knows how tough it can be to stay healthy when on the road, making it no surprise that approximately 70% of truckers are overweight. But if you want to get more active this summer and improve your physical health, here are exercises to help you stay fit during long hauls, with little or no equipment required*

*Any physical exercise should only be done in consultation with your doctor or primary care physician 

CTT Trucker Beach Bod

Whether you do sit-ups, push-ups, cardio, strength training, or stretching — or all of them! — we hope we’ve provided you with an easy beginner guide to the simple exercises that can help you go from “big-rig bod” to “beach bod.” And if you’re looking to purchase a truck or van that’s as healthy as you, keep in mind Commercial Truck Trader’s nationwide selection of new and used commercial vehicles.


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