The Best Places to Eat on the Road

Driving a big rig is a unique profession. The constant travel and long hours aren’t for everyone, but trucking also has unique benefits, including opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, experience new places, see sights of natural beauty, and – perhaps best of all – taste all types of food from across our diverse nation!

Regional driving means regional eating, and resources are easily available to help you find the best chicken, barbecue, seafood, tacos, or cheesesteaks out there.

The website RoadFood is “Your Guide to Authentic Regional Eats.” There you can browse local restaurants by location, state, or type of food. Just around Commercial Truck Trader’s home office in Norfolk, VA, they pointed out a great diner, an old fashioned drive-in, and a classic barbecue joint.

RoadFood has also put together “Roadtrip Tours,” that can guide you to all the best places to eat in a region or city in one stop-by-stop swing. From “Oklahoma Hamburgers” to “Superior Slaws of North Carolina,” there are tons of tours that let you comprehensively sample the region’s unique and delicious foods.

First We Feast has an excellent list of 25 Regional American Foods You Might Not Know (But Should). We already itching to get on the road to discover those!

Prefer the reliability of a chain-restaurant? Check out Buzzfeed’s list of 23 Regional Food Chains that Really Should go National. Yes, Chick-fil-A really is really that good, and you can’t beat the prices at Cook-Out (in this writer’s humble but accurate opinion).

Food trucks are always a great, local choice. If you’re near Vegas, give some love to Blondie’s Bacon Creations, a mobile kitchen run by a former trucker. We recently interviewed Blondie – whose real name is Kelly – and you can read that Q&A here!

Finally, we can’t forget truck stops themselves! MentalFloss has listed the 10 Best Rest Stops in the U.S. – including a location in Iowa that boasts 100,000 square feet of restaurants, “a movie theatre, laundromat, showers, a trucking museum, and church services on Sundays.”

Have you had an awesome food experience while on the road? Let us know in the comments below!

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