Celebrating 6 Exciting Months: A Mid-Year Commercial Truck Trader Update

There are big things happening at Commercial Truck Trader!! With over 20 years of digital experience, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of change throughout the years, from regular website updates to a recent revitalization of our blog and social media accounts. And the growth keeps on going! There have been a number of very exciting events and upgrades for Commercial Truck Trader over the first half of 2018, so today we’re Celebrating 6 Exciting Months: A Mid-Year Commercial Truck Trader Update!!

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The biggest change over the first half of 2018 to Commercial Truck Trader will be no surprise to the dealers who sell vehicles on our website. Early this year, we completed implementation of The Dealer Center, an internal platform for online inventory management and reporting for Commercial Truck Trader dealers. Custom built for dealers, this platform was a major upgrade to the previous Inventory Management Tool (IMT), incorporating a user-friendly design for dealers to add, modify, and track inventory listings 24 hours a day.

Reporting through The Dealer Center was an especially exciting update, providing dealers the tools and data they need to stay just as informed and active as their consumers, and stay competitive in our rapidly changing industry. Dealer Center reporting features help dealers gain a better understanding of their inventory performance and factors contributing to greater exposure and sales, provide local competitive market analysis, and contribute to better strategy development and increased sales. You can read more about new Commercial Truck Trader reporting HERE!!

Big changes to Commercial Truck Trader over the past 6 months haven’t been just for dealers. We’ve also cleaned up our website, which not only looks great, but also provides vehicle searching features that simplify and improve the user-experience for buyers!! Our buyers using tablets and smartphones will also be excited to learn that we’re on the verge of implementing a responsive website design, meaning that CommercialTruckTrader.com will react to the size of a user’s device and adapt formatting of the website to fit perfectly on the device, providing an ideal user experience.

Commercial Truck Trader’s great start to the year is not limited to internal online updates; we’ve also been actively participating in the industry community!! We’ve greatly enjoyed meeting many of you at The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, well as the NADA Show and the ATD Show in Las Vegas. Those were all fantastic shows; we learned a lot, connected with a number of dealers and buyers, and — of course — gave away hundreds of our famous color-changing Commercial Truck Trader cups!! Coming up in August, we’ll be at The Great American Truck Show in Dallas — we hope to see you there!!

Finally, it is well worth mentioning that Commercial Truck Trader continues to experience tremendous growth. On our website, commercial vehicle buyers can find over 240,000 units for-sale from over 3,000 dealers. And there are quite a few buyers! Every month on CommercialTruckTrader.com, there are almost 900,000 unique visitors conducting over 7 MILLION searches!! Our social media accounts are rapidly expanding as well; if you’re not already following us, be sure to check us out on Facebook, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn, and keep up with our articles right here on the blog!!

Of course, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes, and our success is due in large part to the hard work performed by the Commercial Truck Trader and Trader Interactive teams. Thanks also goes out to you, our dealers and buyers, who loyalty return to Commercial Truck Trader time after time. You are why we’re able to do what we do — and why we love doing it — so, again, thank you!! And stay tuned, because, as always, there’s so much more to come from Commercial Truck Trader!!


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