Completion of I-95 Fulfills A Decades-Old American Dream

As news coverage focuses on improvements to our infrastructure, priced around $1.5 trillion, there’s one big project from the early days of highway construction that still hasn’t been finished: Interstate 95.

The famous highway stretches along the East Coast, from Miami, Florida to the U.S.-Canada border crossing near Houlton, Maine. As America’s most-used highway, I-95 is a massively long stretch of road, reaching almost 2,000 miles and passing through major cities like Jacksonville, Richmond, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and Portland.

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And while I-95 is one of the oldest routes of the Interstate Highway System — construction began in 1957 under U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower — we have only recently begun to approach it’s completion date. By September 2018, labor crews are expected to finally close the famous I-95 gap that exists on the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border. Construction to close the gap began 8 years ago and is now in its final phase.

This year’s impending completion of I-95 marks the fulfillment of an inspiring American dream which has been half-a-century in the making. According to an engineering group that has worked on I-95 for decades, “The original Interstate Highway Act had a network of highways across the nation that were associated with it. Through some federal bills since then, that list was amended a little bit and made a little bit larger — but our understanding is that this is the final piece of that original interstate system.”

After 61 years, not only will the longest north-south highway in the country be complete, but so too will the entire Interstate Highway System finally be complete. The realization of Interstate 95 running as one continuous road down the Eastern Seaboard is an accomplishment deserving of celebration by both the construction and transportation industries. And who knows, maybe you can soon celebrate by taking that 28-hour drive!!


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2 thoughts on “Completion of I-95 Fulfills A Decades-Old American Dream

  1. i moved from the area of Pennsylvania almost 23 yrs ago where the i95 pa turnpike connection was being done
    they had done a little preliminary work then it stopped have not been back to visit since 2010 and i was surprised it was not done then now i read 8 yrs later and its still almost. was it 1 truck 3 workers and 50 supervises doing the job? by now the section elevated in Philly will need its 4th rebuild

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