Commercial Truck Trader’s Top 5 Articles of 2017

Wow. It seems like just yesterday that we were wrapping up 2016, and now here we are marking the end of 2017!! It’s been a big year here on the Commercial Truck Trader blog — actually it’s been far-and-away our biggest year ever!!

We went from writing just a few posts in 2016, to this year publishing a post every single week, earning tens of thousands of views!! We cannot thank you enough for contributing to this huge success by following us here on the blog, and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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To celebrate such a great year, we’re taking a look back at Our Top 5 Articles of 2017, as determined by the number of views from YOU, our blog readers!! Take a look, and be sure to catch-up on any articles that you may have missed!! And leave a comment – which 2017 blogpost was your favorite??

Honorable Mentions – The Recently Popular

Honorable Mentions – The Runner-Ups

The Top 5 Articles of 2017

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5.     Upfits Increase Leads!

There are so many reasons to include upfit information in your vehicle listings. Check out all the benefits – and how you can add upfit info to listings – here!!

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4.     8 Tips for Staying Bright-Eyed While Driving

Drowsy driving can be dangerous for everyone on the road. If you don’t feel 100% behind the wheel, follow these tips for staying bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (and safe!!) while driving!!

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3.     Do Truckers Still Use the CB Radio?

The 1970s made the CB radio famous, but in an age of smartphones, GPS, & telematics, do truckers still need the CB?? Read this article to discover why many drivers still use the CB radio!!

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2.     State Troopers Drive Big Rigs to Catch Unsafe Drivers

Did you know that some state troopers drive their own outfitted big rigs to catch 4-wheel vehicles that endanger truckers?? Read all about it here!!

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1.     4 Ways to Retain Truck Drivers

The ongoing driver shortage is the #1 concern of carriers, even more than the ELD mandate. How can companies keep drivers around? Feel free to pass this article along to your fleet manager!!

Well there you have it – Commercial Truck Trader’s Top 5 Articles of 2017!! Again, we appreciate each and every one of you for making our blog into the success that it is. Thank you. We’ll keep providing you great content about buying and selling commercial vehicles in 2018. In the meantime, check out any blogposts you may have missed, and leave us a comment – which 2017 article was your favorite??


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