On-The-Road Marketing: How Truckers Can Build A Brand

Together, truckers like you move over 10.42 billion tons of freight each year. This requires dedication, focus, and skill, which you surely have in spades. However, hiring managers sometimes need help recognizing those valuable traits. To land more jobs — and the best jobs — you may have to make your qualifications more evident. You may have to build a personal brand. This isn’t being full of yourself; it’s simply providing potential employers with opportunities to get to know you. With solid marketing, employers may even come to you with job offers!! Of course, this isn’t easy when your job takes up so much of your time. To help, we’ve put together 5 fast and easy tips for building a personal trucker brand while you’re on-the-road!!

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1) Start a Video Log (VLOG): Being on the road is a great time to log your journey for others, often with a driver-facing recording device. Start a YouTube channel and upload videos from places you visit. Record things that happen along the way, narrating your own unique perspective. Discuss the best routes. Offer driving tips. Not only will you inform and educate, you’ll inspire others and potential employers will take notice. When it’s time to recruit, they’ll know who you are.

2) Start a Blog: It’s so easy to start and maintain a blog these days. If you enjoying talking about your adventures and what’s happening in the industry, you’ll never run out of things to talk about. Commercial Truck Trader’s blog — TheDealerConnection.org (you’re here now) — runs using WordPress, but there are many great blogging options out there. And it doesn’t have to be only words!! Take some pictures to add to your blog. Interesting visuals will make fans out of regular folks, fellow drivers, and potential employers alike. And you can connect your blog with your VLOG for maximum exposure.

3) Be Active on Social Media: When you’re beginning to grow an audience, following people in your industry is a good way to get followed back. Instagram is a great place for truckers who like to take lots of pictures and video. Facebook is great for those visuals too, and is a also a great place to share your blog. Twitter can help you keep up with what’s trending in the industry and in the world. LinkedIn is an ideal site for making more professional connections. You can manage your social media in as little as 10 minutes a day. There are also websites like Hootsuite that let you schedule social media posts ahead of time, across platforms, meaning you won’t have to worry about personally posting throughout the day, week, or month.

4) Find a Niche: Find an area of the industry about which you are really passionate. Maybe you’re all about the most efficient routes. Maybe you want to inspire youth to become drivers. Maybe safety is your thing. Narrowing your range of topics, especially at first, will help you connect with others and discover the best ways to speak to their personal lives. For example, if you specialize in cross-country moving, you can create content around your side of the job, as well as posts around how to help the people who are actually moving, in order to get more eyes on your brand. Really think about this. When a topic is your passion, writing and talking about it will never seems like work.

5) Network with Industry Influencers: You probably already network with other drivers on social media. You may even follow some top people in the industry. Connect with these individuals. Start networking. Demonstrate your expertise by talking with them about your videos, your blog, and why you’re passionate about trucking. Ask them to share your content with their followers to boost your own following.

You already have the passion and the skill required for a great job. Start putting those valuable traits to work for you by building a personal trucker brand through on-the-road marketing!! And leave us a comment – how do you build your brand??


Gary Ashton is a realtor with The Ashton Real Estate Group in Nashville, Tennessee.

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