Trucking Cops Use Semis to Stop Unsafe Driving

State troopers across the nation, including those in Kansas and Tennessee, have taken to “law-enforcement-semis” in order to catch unsafe drivers. According to Fox News, truck driving troopers are out to stop distracted and dangerous drivers who endanger truckers and others on the road.

State Trooper Semi Original

The troopers are not driving ordinary big rigs. The trucks are equipped with dash cams and radar guns to catch texters, speeders, and unsafe drivers in the act. The perspective from the cab gives troopers a bird eye’s view of those pesky cell phones and other risky behaviors, and helps law enforcement crack down, especially on cars that endanger truckers.

Although it is not a covert operation — the semis are outfitted with law enforcement decals and blue light bars — the troopers often contact other officers to pull over law-breakers, in order to avoid having to maneuver behind someone and stop on the side of the road in a big rig.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!! Do you think trucking cops will be able to reduce the number of dangerous drivers on the road??


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