Product News and Trends: Database Upgrade

We’ve recently upgraded our database, resulting in pages being delivered 33% – 55% faster!  More upgrades are planned through the year that will yield improved performance both in using the Inventory Management Tools and buyers visiting the site. We’re never really done with this work, but it keeps getting better!

IMT Mobile V2

We now have hundreds of weekly users on our IMT Mobile version 2 in the iOS & Google Play stores.  Be sure to download it and check it out!  You can upload photos, videos, receive and respond to phone calls and emails, all while getting notifications about every lead you receive from us.  Check it out!

Mapping Upfits

We’re continuing to work on matching up your upfit trucks to the appropriate OEM and type.  We’re now well over 10,000 matched units and counting, so keep sending us invoices and we’ll keep mapping your trucks!  These maps boost the ease with which they’re discovered by Buyers on the site.


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