Providing Vehicle Upfit Information: 3 Awesome Advantages for Dealers

A quick definition: Upfits are additions and upgrades to standard commercial vehicle bodies which make the vehicle better suited for a specific vocation or task. Examples range from simple ladder racks to comprehensive body overhauls.

Plumber Or Electrician Standing Next To Van

Trucking. HVAC. Farming. Utility. Catering. Fleet Management. There are countless drivers, workers, and technicians across multiple industries who each have unique jobs and perform different tasks. These various workers require a wide range of vehicles and equipment, which makes vehicle upfits very popular. In fact, upfits are so important, that Commercial Truck Trader encourages dealers to include upfit information for all upfitted vehicles listed on our website!! We’ve previously described how making upfit details available provides some Big Benefits for Buyers. Today we’ll discuss how Providing Vehicle Upfit Information delivers 3 Awesome Advantages for Dealers!!

1. Higher Quality Connections: Vehicle searches that include upfit criteria are utilized by customers that know what they want and, as a result of being able to review upfit information, are more informed and have greater confidence in the purchasing process. This means that dealers who provide upfit information connect with buyers who are further down a sales path and have greater intention of making a purchase.

2. More Leads & Sales: Dealers who provide vehicle upfit information in their listings get more clicks, more leads, and more sales. Listings with upfit information on Commercial Truck Trader connect dealers with 44% more leads than listings without, according to our internal analytics. Ads with upfit data have 33% higher conversion rates. Clearly, you are more likely to generate leads and close sales if your listings include upfit information.

3. Greater Credibility: Consistently including upfit information in each vehicle listing on Commercial Truck Trader can build a dealer’s credibility, by demonstrating that they are up-front, thorough, and reliable. In addition to making an initial sale, dealers also want to build a reputation and retain customers for future purchases. Providing vehicle upfit information can deliver that advantage over other dealers who are not so industrious.

At Commercial Truck Trader, we’re committed to bringing buyers and sellers together by connecting every customer with the dealer and vehicle that’s a perfect match for their lives and work. One of the best ways we ensure those connections is by providing dealers the opportunity to include vehicle upfit information in each of their listings on our website. We offer this important feature, because we know how important upfit information is to customers and how many more quality leads it can generate for dealers. We’ll continue to provide information about upfits on the blog, but for now head over to the Commercial Truck Trader website and explore adding upfit information to your listings!!

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