4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Truck Scales

Industries from shipping and transportation to construction and logistics use various truck scales for diverse weighing needs. However, paying a small fortune for new equipment — or paying frequent rent that keeps adding up — might not be feasible for many businesses. The trick is to find the right truck scale that doesn’t break the bank, but still offers a superior weighing solution.

The best option for many industry professionals will be to invest in high-quality, used portable truck scales. While you can typically acquire used equipment at lower prices, you should still approach the buying process with the same attention to detail you would give to purchasing new equipment. A smart investment can give you cheap, effective truck scales that will serve your business for many years. Here are 4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Truck Scales!!

1. Understand Your Needs: When you start looking for used truck scales, it will be critical to not only understand your requirements, but also to quantify those needs. For instance, you should likely consider questions such as:

  • What is my purpose for buying truck scales?
  • Will it make the operations more accurate?
  • Will it help the business make more profit?
  • How do used truck scales compare to your other weighing options?

Remember that this process should be carried out in partnership with all those who will be affected by the scale. This will give you a better understanding of various perspectives regarding the exact role of the equipment in your business operations.

2. Verify If the Truck Scales Meet Your Needs: You need to adopt a systematic approach to verify whether that seemingly perfect second-hand truck scale is actually suitable for your requirements or not. There are multiple factors which should be considered. These include the overall capacity, length, width, axle capacity, non-commercial/internal use versus commercial/public use, and many more.

All of these aspects of the equipment fall in two types of categories: must-have necessities and should-have preferences. Those in the former category cannot be compromised, while those within the latter category may be negotiable. Adopting a well-thought out approach, that considers factors in both categories, helps you make the most informed decision possible when buying used truck scales.

3. Sort out Budget Approvals: Used portable truck scales are still a major investment, so your budget will likely need to be confirmed and/or approved well in advance of the purchase. It can be frustrating for a buying decisions to be postponed by unexpected budget issues, and can even set back your productivity. This is especially true when you find that perfect used truck scale that would meet all of your needs right away. Good deals for used truck scales often pass by because of delayed budget approvals.

4. Check Maintenance Requirements: Always evaluate used equipment before making a purchase, including inspecting the machine, learning the history of the equipment’s usage and maintenance, and researching the dealer. Each of these will give you a fair idea about the quality of the used truck scales. In particular, you should be sure to have in-depth discussions with the previous owner and know the truck scale maintenance schedule before buying. This will help you for effectively maintain the second-hand truck scales and extend their working life.

Truck Scales ET FB-ResizedThe 4 factors listed above should help simplify the process of evaluating your own needs for a truck scale and the quality, benefits, and cost of purchasing used portable weighing equipment. Attention to detail helps you make the smart investment in the perfect used truck scales that can save you time, money, and effort.

Kevin Hill leads marketing and provides technical expertise to the sales and service teams at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, California.

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