Is Highway Traffic Solved by Truck-Only Lanes?

It’s no secret that America’s interstate system continues to age and deteriorate after decades of use, contributing to congestion that gets worse and worse. A unique solution to crowded highways is Truck-Only Lanes.

Truck Only Lanes

Truck-only lanes have a number of advantages. First, by separating semis and four-wheel vehicles, traffic can move along more steadily. Big rigs naturally move more slowly than cars, but cars often don’t know how to pass a semi safely and effectively, which leads to lots of brake pumping, lane changing, and congestion. Letting each class of vehicle move along at their own pace without frequent interaction could speed things up quite a bit.

Second, truck-only lanes can make the roads a safer place. As we said, cars often misjudge what it takes to safely share the road with big rigs, leading to the accidents we’re all familiar with. Keeping cars away from semis can keep highways safer for everyone. And with less accidents, there’s even less congestion!!

On the other hand, there are very few truck-only lanes currently in the U.S., meaning it could be very costly to build these new lanes. Highway improvements are often funded through tolls, and some drivers are concerned that truck-only lanes might lead to trucker-only tolls. Since less congestion helps everyone, big rig drivers argue, then everyone on the road should help cover the cost, not just truckers.

What do you think?? Leave us a comment below!! Do you think truck-only lanes could solve our nation’s congestion problem??


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