Product News and Trends: UTM Codes – Tracking Visitors from us to you!

A way that websites notify one another of where traffic is coming from is through the use of something called a “UTM code”.  This is passed along in the URL when someone clicks on a link. Then software like Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture can generate reports around this UTM code to see how much traffic is sent to you from that source and what the visitor has done on your site.

Since we have nearly doubled referral traffic to our dealers, we have added this UTM code to link to your website.  You should be able to use your analytics software to see how much traffic and where those visitors are going on your site.  Talk to your website provider if you want to get more information.

Commercial Truck Trader’s Updated Look

The team has done a bunch of work updating the look of Commercial Truck Trader.  This mid-cycle refresh smooths the edges and enhances readability.  It also included a new Responsive Place An Ad process for our private sellers.

More Upfit OEMs!

For our Commercial Truck Trader dealers, we have quickly expanded our truck-bed OEM list. There are now about 70 to choose from, 15 of which have detailed specifications. The number of detailed data sets will continue to grow as we work with OEMs to collect data and organize it for use on the website.  Make sure to add these to your listings so the ease with which they’re found can increase significantly!

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