The Heaviest Objects Ever Moved On Wheels

How do you move something that weighs 55 times as much as the Statue of Liberty? Something that big takes more than a few trucks and elbow grease!!

Machinery and Equipment MRO features a story about the immensely heavy job that took place in Hartlepool, England in 2006. Over 224 modular transporters, equipped with special roller bearings, moved an oil and gas production facility five-eighths of a mile. Total weight of the facility? Over 12,430 tons!!

Big Things

Humans have also managed to move some pretty massive objects on trucks and down long stretches of road too!! Gizmodo has an awesome list of the 23 Biggest Machines Ever Moved On Wheels. Some of the most impressive on-road transportation feats include:

  • Reactors and Accelerators
  • Rocket ship parts
  • Entire space shuttles!!?!!
  • Electromagnets
  • Wind turbine blades
  • Oil rig parts

So now we’re curious – what’s the biggest object you’ve ever seen transported?? Let us know in the comments below!!

One thought on “The Heaviest Objects Ever Moved On Wheels

  1. An autoclave.. 1 million lbs, it took 5 simi tractors and 110 tires.. it was moved from SLC to Newmont Gold Twin Creeks mine in Golconda Nv.. it took 7 days to make the trip..


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