Product News and Trends: More Upfit Manufacturers!

We have recently added models for Supreme, CM, Harbor, & Rugby.  We’re also adding a “standard” model which will list standard features for that type of body for those instances where we’re not sure what model a body might be.  So make sure you’re using the IMT Mobile app, sending your invoices, or logging in to update!

You also have noted that we’ve consolidated the body types.  This will help concentrate Buyers into the appropriate body types to find the trucks they want!

Map Leads Update

We recently updated how we provide maps to your dealerships.  We’ve added a light form which asks the Visitor to indicate if they’re planning on visiting.  They may or may not put in their name into the form.  We’re testing this to see how many Visitors are willing to indicate they’re going to visit the dealership.

User Experience A/B Testing

A theme this year has been testing different improvements to the site.  Some of them, like the changes around the dealer website links have generated big increases in connections.  Others, like Price Alerts, have generated modest increases in Visitors.  We will continue to do this experimentation across the site.  This will mean a percentage of Visitors may see a different way to interact with inventory on the site, or even see a new look.  If you come to the site and see some changes that others do not, that is us doing some A/B Testing.  In this, we us the “B” variant to test behavior while the “A” variant is the control.

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