Do More Regulations Make Roads Safer?


The debate over safety, government regulation, and drivers’ rights continues to rage, and there’s no clear sign of resolution on the horizon.

On one hand are families who have lost loved ones in truck-related accidents. Many of them continue to call for tougher laws on the transportation industry, especially on how many hours a trucker can drive in a day and what safety training is required.

Meanwhile, corporate members of the trucking industry are wary of new regulations, fearing that adding new laws will limit profits for their business. Further complicating matters are recent reports, led by a shocking story from USA Today, about a limited number of trucking companies blatantly violating existing laws and forcing drivers into poor working conditions for inadequate wages.

Caught in the middle are besieged truck drivers, who have to meet deadlines, maintain safety standards, follow countless other regulations, and in some instances deal with extreme stress brought on by unethical employers. And we still haven’t talk about how distracted drivers in four wheel vehicles are often the ones who really make the roads dangerous!!

Keeping everyone safe. Maximizing profits. Treating drivers fairly. How can the government, businesses, and drivers work together to balance all of these??

We want to hear your thoughts and stories on this issue!! – Would more trucking regulations make the roads safer? Do companies need to do more for their drivers? How will these choices impact profits – and what does that mean for the industry’s future??

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One thought on “Do More Regulations Make Roads Safer?

  1. No, I sat at a truck stop this morning perfectly awake because of a mandatory break. These regulations or brought about by large companies attempting to run the little guy out of business and bring about a monopoly

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