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Janet Parsons used to be a programmer and Assistant VP at a BB&T bank in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Today, she runs her own trucking business, DJP Trucking. When Parsons left the bank to start her company, she had just one truck and her husband was the company mechanic. Since then, her business has grown to multiple vehicles and brokers jobs for over 65 truckers!

Whether it is managing a fleet or driving a big rig, the trucking industry is often perfect for those seeking new opportunities and challenges. Interestingly, a growing number of couples age 50+ are turning to trucking as a new, shared occupational adventure.

And if trucking is not the final stop in your career, it provides valuable lessons about life and work that will benefit your transition to new chapters in life. We were recently reminded of this by businesswoman and chef Kelly, who credits much of her success running a bacon-themed food truck to experiences from her previous work in trucking. (You can read our engaging interview with Kelly by clicking HERE!!)

Some transition into trucking for new opportunities. Some leave the industry, taking with them wisdom and strength from their time on the job. Some find a home in the cab from their first paycheck to their retirement party. Whether your career as a driver is only a middle-chapter, the epic conclusion, or the whole dang book, trucking has inevitably been a highlight in the story of your life.

Cherish the memories, learn from the experiences, and be proud of the important work you have done and will do. And leave us a comment!! – Have you transitioned in or out of trucking, or are you a life-long driver?? Tell us your story below!!


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