Using Keyword Search to Find the Perfect Vehicle

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There are a vast number of vehicles in the Commercial Truck Trader inventory. When you’re trying to find the right truck on our website, searching with keywords will be very important. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many choices or accidentally overlook the perfect vehicle, so we’ve outlined some helpful guidelines for using the Search feature on our site!!

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  • The Search feature at the top of our homepage includes a Keyword search, as well as filters for Location, Category, and Make.
  • Searching with only basic keywords, without any additional filters, will likely return a wide range of trucks from Commercial Truck Trader’s inventory. You may want to see all the options available, but it is also a good idea to narrow down your search with additional filters. A vehicle’s model is a very useful Keyword term for your search.

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  • An Advanced Search feature is also available, which you can find directly beneath the Search button on the homepage. The Advanced Search feature includes additional filters for Class, Upfit, Cab Type, Price, Year, Mileage, Drivetrain, Engine, Transmission, Fuel, Seller, and Taglines.
  • Once you conduct a search, the results will be displayed in order of relevance to your keywords and filters. You can narrow the results by utilizing additional search filters, which will be available in the left sidebar next to the results of your initial search.

Using our Search and Advanced Search features, you should be able to find the perfect vehicle for your life and work. Yet if the process ever gets confusing, you can give us a call at 1-877-872-3373. And if you ever want to find a specific dealer, access our “Find A Dealer” feature, which we’ve outlined on the blog HERE!! Happy searching!!


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