Commercial Truck Trader News: Better Map To Dealership Is Coming!

In the next week or so, we will be upgrading our map-to-dealership interface.  This upgrade will update the map provider as well as ask for a bit of information.  Visitors clicking the Map link will be asked if they plan on visiting the dealership.  This is to help understand the number of people who we are sending to the dealerships through research on our portals.
Reporting for this will be integrated into the IMT.

IMT Mobile 2.0 Updates!

We are working on a batch of updates for IMT Mobile 2.0 focused around reporting.  We’re taking the reports that exist in the tablet app IMT Reports and adding that functionality into IMT Mobile.  We will then sunset the IMT Reports app in the iTunes AppStore.  This will consolidate development for us while upgrading the experience for you.  No more tablet and phone apps – one will handle all of the duties from any device!

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