8 Quick Tips for Selling Commercial Vehicles

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At Commercial Truck Trader, our mission is to bring buyers and sellers together. If you’re selling commercial vehicles on our website, we want to connect you with buyers as quickly and as easily as possible. Towards that end, here are 8 Quick Tips for Selling Commercial Vehicles!!

1. Take your time when photographing your vehicle. A clear image helps sell your vehicle for its maximum value. If possible, take your photo on a sunny day, with bright sunlight that really shows off your truck, van, or other commercial vehicle.

2. Photograph your vehicle from multiple locations and buy an ad package that allows you to upload more than one photo.

3. Take time to write your description. Make sure to include the right keywords that buyers might be looking for, such as “flex fuel”. You have up to 3000 characters. Use as much as you can. Only the 400 words show up when someone does a search, so use the first 400 words wisely.

4. Make sure you mention any special upgrades, upfits, or other special features. Try to set your truck apart from the rest.

5. Check the spelling in both your listing and in any subsequent messages with potential buyers. A simple typo can cause people to lose faith in the quality of a dealer and overlook otherwise quality listings.

6. Check your phone number and email.

7. Repsond to all emails and phone calls promptly.

8. Use only trusted sources of payment.

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