More Truck Body Manufacturers!

So far this year we’ve added the specification data for 11 OEMs:  Adrian Steel, Boss, Durarac, Katerack, Knapheide, Monroe, Morgan, Reading, Royal, Scelzi, and Switch-N-Go.  We’re working on adding these in the next 30 days :  CM, Harbor, Rugby, Snowdogg, & Stahl.  We’re also upgrading the data we have available for Knapheide and Reading.  If you’re curious how we decide in which order to add OEMs, there’s two methods.  The first is based upon the invoices you’re sending to us.  As we review which manufacturers most often appear in that data we prioritize which OEMs to do next.  Second is through feedback, whether it’s through the IMT Feedback button or through your reps.  Now, it’s not straight-forward to retrieve the specification data and images.  There’s a bunch of work and quality checks that go into each OEM before we add it to our site’s options.
Speaking of Options, we’re looking at an upgrade that will allow you to select which Options are installed for an upfit body!

IMT Mobile v 2.0!

I’ve been talking about this for awhile and I want to share that we’ve been live with IMT Mobile 2.0 for over a month now!  In that time we’ve been ironing out some post-release tweaks and making sure some of our latest updates around MSRP and Upfits are available.  Here’s a feature list :

  • Push notifications for email or phone leads!  Get notified when you’ve received a phone call or email from us.
  • Respond to leads directly from the app.  Call someone back or email them back.
  • Scan VINs to pre-populate basic data.
  • Assign an Upfit to a VIN.
  • Edit any field for a listing, upload photos, & take video!
Extended OEM Specifications coming to Equipment Trader!
We’ll soon be providing some extended specification data to your listings on Equipment Trader.  This will similar to a VIN decoder in the sense that if you select a make/model combination we have data for, we’ll pre-populate a bunch of specification data for you.  This will ideally make it much quicker to create rich listings that provide the Visitors with all they need to make a decision to call or email you.

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