Apps to Make Your Business Smarter Part 2: Driver Safety Apps

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Are you reading this blog on your smartphone? If yes, FANTASTIC! You’re also not alone. In fact, the innovation and connectivity offered by apps are an integral part of what makes mobile devices so addictive. According to Pew Research, 93% of users find smartphones helpful and 80% say that they’re worth the cost.

Now, we don’t really need to talk about your Tinder or Farmers-Only profiles, but we should discuss how apps can benefit your business by decreasing uncertainty, lowering costs, and accurately forecasting expenses. In this 3-part series, we’re sharing some specific apps and their benefits that are quickly making them primary tools for fleet management! Previously we covered Fleet Management Apps. Today, in our second blogpost, we’ll discuss Safety Apps!!

How Can Apps Help You Improve Safety?

  • Monitor drivers’ performance with safety-specific apps that identify issues such as hard braking and seat belt use, recommend improvements, and track progress.
  • Help drivers focus on the road with fleet management apps that consolidate and streamline data points like weather, routes, and traffic. The more important information drivers can get in one place, the less they have to worry about taking their eyes off the road to access multiple devices or apps.
  • Make sure drivers aren’t stranded in emergency situations by using fleet management apps to access telematics (real-time information about your vehicles). This helps you track locations and also know when to schedule preventative maintenance.
  • Provide safety training for drivers with virtual reality apps. While standalone Virtual Reality (VR) trucking simulations currently exist, smartphone VR safety apps such as CarTech only simulate standard vehicle safety protocols. However, the basic safety simulations of VR apps can still be beneficial to drivers and trucking-specific features may soon be added.

Apps That Help Boost Safety: Telogis Coach, GreenRoad, CarTech VR360, Fleet Management apps

By elevating standards and performance, safety apps help prevent unforeseen problems and dangerous mistakes, which protects your drivers and your business. That’s definitely beneficial and worth the cost! So take out your mobile device, research available apps, and download the ones that will help your business the most!

What safety apps do you use to optimize your business? Let us know in the comments below!


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